May 26, 2009

The Bear Facts about Personal Safety and Self Defense

The first time I saw the article The Bear Facts about Personal Safety and Self Defense, I thought it was misspelled. Shouldn't it be bare, not bear? But reading further, I realized that bear is the right word, just as the author wrote:
"You don’t have to stop hiking in the woods to avoid bears, but you can take appropriate precautions and avoid running into them when you are in their territory. The same theory works for your life."
This is very true. We should always trust our instincts. We should always remember that animals can sense a natural calamity just by following its instincts and we should learn from that. Once we feel that something is not right, it is our subconscious mind telling us that we must be on alert. The article further explain that to avoid risk, we must first learn about it. There are things that are beyond our control and we must therefore work around them. For those things that we can control, then we must do something about it towards our personal safety. Plan and acquire the skills necessary to ensure that we have managed or at least reduced the risks against our safety.

The Bear Facts about Personal Safety and Self Defense is a very well written and informative article on personal life and it shows that the author really knows what he is writing about.

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