May 15, 2009

David Archuleta in Eat Bulaga

image from PEP.Ph
I was in the office yesterday when David Archuleta guested in Eat Bulaga so I didn't get to watch it live. But thanks to Youtube, I am watching it right now. I'm not that into American Idol but I know David Cook and David Archuleta because during their final performance, work literally stopped in our department when we watched them live, albeit sneakily, here in the office cable TV. I still can imagine my office mates shrieking loudly during office hours!

Anyway, when I went home last night and saw something about the guesting on the evening news, I was surprised to hear my 6-year old son, talking to his 7-year old cousin saying that he watched David Archuleta that afternoon. My mom watches Eat Bulaga and they must have really hyped it up, if even my young son knew about it. They even know that the other David, David Luto, my son said to me while giggling, will also guest in Eat Bulaga today. Can you imagine that?

If you want to watch David Archuleta's guest performance in Eat Bulaga, watch it here:

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