May 11, 2009

Doña Dionisia's Audrey Hepburn Makeover

I missed this on the news, but thanks to You Tube, here is the link to Doña Dionisia's Audrey Hepburn make-over.

I am not yet over my annoyance over the press coverage of Manny's mom. But I am continuously fascinated by her, and after learning her life story on Jessica Soho's Kapuso Mo last Saturday, I think I am now becoming a fan. I think that she has the right to be part of his son's success because, aside from Jinkee, she is the other woman who has definitely got Manny's back. I just hope that the press will focus on her basking in the glory of her son's victory because it is her due and not because she is making a fool of herself.


  1. kami dito sa office fan kmi ni aling dionisia kc totoo cya hndi plastic....

  2. ahaha.. i thought i like her too..
    she's so true.. nde plastic..
    tapos, nde trying hard...

    She's just a proud mom..
    She doesn't need to say a single word for us to know how happy she is... ^_^

  3. avid fan din ako ni mommy dionisia..

  4. Ako din. She's truly an inspiration.