May 22, 2009

Hayden Kho Video Scandal

Looking to download the Hayden Kho Video Scandals? The Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili "Careless Whisper" video or the real "boxing"video? There is also a Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes video and another with him and a Brazilian model, they say. Macuha even said that there might even be a Hayden Kho-Ruffa Mae Quinto video. Sorry, but you wont find it here in my blog. I think that downloading these videos will only make it more famous or notorious, whichever you like and will not help anybody. Can you imagine if you are the unlucky girl who was unwillingly video-taped? Can you imagine how violated you will feel? How dirty? How shamed? Or if you are a friend or a parent or a sibling of the victim? We know that sex is a part of life, but being unwillingly and unknowingly video taped is a violation of your right as a human being. Hayden Kho, or whoever is behind all this, must be stopped. Whatever his reasons or motivations may be, this is not helping anybody.

Senator Ramon Bong Revilla has been criticized for calling Hayden Kho a pervert. I read some comments on blogs saying its like the pot calling the kettle black. He may be running for re-election next year and all of this maybe just publicity for him, but if you will forget about him for a minute, you will realize that he is right. This has to stop.

I salute Katrina Halili for being strong. Good thing she already admitted that she had an affair with Hayden Kho and now, the public is behind her becasue she is clearly the victim. I just hope other victims will also be as strong.

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