May 29, 2009

Need Money? Check Out Car Title Loans

Enrollment time is upon us with only a week to go before the start of classes. And for most parents, this is the time we need more money to pay for tuition fees, books and to buy school supplies and uniforms. If you are hard on cash and would like to take out a loan, you can check out Car Title Loans. If you own a car, a van or a truck that has a minimum wholesale value of $5,000 you can take out a loan, get the money in an hour and drive with your car. They will not take your car as a collateral as most lending companies do. Even if you have a bad credit history, tax liens, repossessions, bankruptcies or even if you have been denied credit elsewhere, you can still get a loan approved. Where else can you get a deal like that? Of course, they have to determine if you qualify and you must submit a set of requirements first. At the website, you can find out the value of your car so you know right away how much you can loan. However, they only serve California at the moment. If you are near these areas, you can take out a Car Title Loans Hayward or a Car Title Loans Sacramento. I just hope this type of loan is available here in our country. This will definitely be a big help at this time!


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