May 12, 2009

Premyo sa Resibo

Have you heard of the BIR's numbers game called Premyo Sa Resibo? I have already made some 26 entries and I am hoping that I will win in the daily, weekly or monthly draw. The prizes are P5,000 daily, P25,000 weekly and P1 million bi-monthly. A text entry costs P2.50 each.

To join, just text the following code to 9777:
PSRTINReceipt NumberReceipt Amount

Then you will receive a notification for a valid entry:
Salamat po. Ang inyong raffle # sa Daily Draw, at Weekly Draw ay . P2.50/raffle entry. Pakitago ang resibo.

You will also receive a text on the winning raffle numbers.

This is actually a good move from the BIR to encourage people to ask for receipts. Even if I don't text all my receipts to PSR, I always ask for them anyway.

To know more about Premyo sa Resibo, visit their website.

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