May 3, 2009

What will Aling Dionisia do?

We are now eagerly waiting for the much touted Battle of the East and
West fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.And while we try to
focus on the fight, I am waiting to see what the TV Networks will show
us on Manny's indefatigable mother,Aling Dionisia who is now in the US
with his son. Will she be shown fainting while clutching her rosary? I
feel for her as a mother, but Iam annoyed at her antics and for
letting the networks exploit her that way. While my husband will get
his share of jests from me for being too-Manny,he will surely find
things to annoy me with Aling Dionisia.He he,this is going to be one
helluva fight!

Dinah G. Ladao


  1. congratulations, manny. :-) yun nga lang, nauna pang hinimatay si hatton kay aling dionisia. :-)

    (linked you up alreay, by the way.)

  2. she will pray for sure..and that she did. ehehe.

    now she is having her celebrity make over eh? ehehe