Jun 30, 2009

You should have stayed in bed when

The IT guy who only last week told you that you have a sexy tan after that weekend in Bohol enthused that "tumataba ka, mam."

And the butler who only yesterday told you you look good after running the company 5K race, asked you (maybe in jest, maybe not) if you are pregnant.

And your loving daughter, while patting your stomach this morning told you she wants a baby sister!

Yes, I really should have stayed in bed.

How Important Are Web Directories?

As defined by Wikipedia, "A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. A web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness." Now based on this definition, how important are web directories and do they really help in driving traffic to your website?

The resounding answer all over the www is Yes! Having a website is like being a tree in a forest. You are just one of the thousands and nobody know you are there. That is, unless you become part of a network or a list of websites on particular category. Say for this blog, if I submit my website to Yahoo Directory, then this become part of their list on personal blogs. And somebody is bound to know that my blog exist! Maybe somebody who is curios on how to create a personal blog visit this web directory and they will click on my site, That is how web directories work. It is like the yellow pages in the Internet, where everybody who is anybody is on the list.

And the best thing about it? There are free web directory all over the Internet so the only thing that is stopping you and your blog from being on a web list is your self. If you really want to drive more traffic to your site, then start submitting your blog to various web directories like Yahoo Directory and Dmoz and lots more out there!

Is Dental Care Part of Your Health Plan?

Every June, my company renew our health care coverage and either choose a new provider or stick to the current one we have. This is part of our health care benefits. We are also given an option to enroll our dependents and pay the premium by salary deduction. For my peace of mind, I always avail of this benefit for my three kids. Thankfully, my husband's company also has a health care plan for them so I only get to pay for the kids. As I have said, getting this health insurance for my kids is mostly for my peace of mind as they have been blessed with healthy bodies. Only the usual minor cough, cold and fever conditions would necessitate a visit to the doctor.

Sometimes, this makes me think whether I am paying for something I don’t really need at the moment. It is true that many health insurance plans exclude dental care, and for growing kids like mine who has to visit the dentist regularly, that would be such a waste. Last year, I am lucky to find out during the orientation that routine visits for simple extraction and prophylaxis are part of our health coverage. Other dental needs related to an illness as prescribed by a doctor are also covered. Otherwise, like in the article above, I would need to pay for a separate, and almost costly, dental coverage. After reading the article, I know that I must make sure that it is always part of the coverage that I am paying for.

Jun 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

I was watching the morning news at Unang Hirit when I heard the sad news that Michael Jackson was dead. He was 50 years old. He was said to have been found at his home and was not breathing anymore. The paramedics tried to revive him and brought him to the UCLA Medical Center, where he was declared dead of cardiac arrest. The news of his death is all over online newspapers as well.
This is a very sad news indeed for his fans. Despite the bizarre turn that his brilliant career and personal life had taken, Michael Jackson is undeniably a music industry icon. You may want to take a look at this page at Anomalies Unlimited at the evolution of Michael Jackson's face, complete with commentary and why he had been aptly called Jacko as of late. He was also planning some concerts in London for his fans before his death. For more information on Michael Jackon;s life, visit his wikipedia page here.

Jun 23, 2009

First Filipino Fatality of H1N1 Virus

The first Filipino fatality of the H1N1 virus was reported yesterday according to Health Secretary Duque, a news report said. However, in an interview this morning at Unang Hirit, it was confirmed that the real cause of death was the heart problem, and not the virus.
Now,people who have heart disease, liver disease and others are at higher risk of the virus according to the DOH. And Sec. Duque also reminded people not to self-medicate once you have the flu symptoms and consult a physician especially if you have other existing illness. I guess, the virus scare is real and therefore we should not take for granted our personal hygiene and other precautionary measures that we should take to avoid this flu. For us parents, this is one of those things that we fear, for our children to get sick. But there are things within our control, such as helping our kids eat proper food, get enough sleep and others to keep their immune system strong. I think, that is what we can do. And of course, we should also keep ourselves safe from the virus by avoiding crowded places and known areas with confirmed cases already.

Now that the virus has claimed (or maybe just hasten the process) a life, we should be more vigilant and careful to avoid the dreaded disease.

Jun 17, 2009

A Pinoy Fiesta

Every first Sunday of June, we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in our barangay.
Our parish is The Most Holy Redeemer Parish and several activities lined were up for the fiesta. There was a band and a procession, followed by a concert during the night.

In our street, the Pinoy Fiesta tradition is very much alive, filled with games for both the adults and kids. The Boys collect a small amount money from the residents for the buntings and prizes for the games. It has become sort of a tradition.

There was a Sack Race for both adults and kids.

Paluan ng Palayok ( I had a hard time looking for the palayok in this picture!) And look at the faces of the adults. They seem to be having more fun than the kids.

Hanapan ng Coin (where you get those 10 peso coins with your mouth, in a tub full of blue (tina?) colored water)! That''s my son in the picture, and he was second in line. I didn't let him join the line again. Can you imagine how dirty the water has become after maybe just 3 kids? he he.

Of course, there was the Agawang Buko and the kids really fought hard for the prize (100 pesos)! I didn't let my son join this for fear of physical harm.

See how rough the game has become?

There was a game for the adults as well. We call this Hagisan ng Itlog, where husbands and wives were partnered amid jeers and catcalls. The best pair whose egg was still intact after throwing it to his partner from a distance, wins. We didn't join this year as I was too busy taking pictures.
And of course, there is always the Pabunot. In this case, my husband just paid 10 pesos for those colored chicks that the kids loved so much. Otherwise, he would have spent more on the 1 peso per bunot scheme.
Before the end of the following day however, all the chicks were dead, eaten by our neighbor's naughty cat. My little girl had a good cry over her pink chick!
At night during the concert, elections being just mere months away, Vincent Belmonte took to the stage to greet us a Happy Fiesta.

Our guests for the concert were Faith Cuneta, 2 of the Baywalk Bodies, Gleenet, Wilson Go and the Sexy Cool Dancers ans some others my husband couldn't recall. I didn't get to watch the concert because the kids had to be in bed by 8pm as they have classes the following day. The Baywalk Bodies was such a big hit among the (already drunk) male crowd as one of them had a guest come up the stage and kiss her cleavage! Ugh, so much for honoring Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. But this is really how a Pinoy Fiesta is: loud and sometimes lewd. But really uniquely Filipino.

If you notice that I didn't talk about food here, its because we didn't cook much except for my Ginataang Tahong and Pancit. My mother in-law cooked Liempo and Sinigang and my sister-in-law made a fruit salad. But food is another essential part of the Pinoy Fiesta tradition.

A Fiesta celebration in the city is very, very different from a fiesta in the province. I hope to be able to write about that one in the near future.

So, how is the Fiesta in your place?

Jun 15, 2009

Flower Collection

I love gardening and I love flowers. And I cannot resist the lure of this greenery with a camera in my hand. I just hope that my (non-existing) shooting skills made justice to the beauty of these flowers.

Avoid Plumbing Woes

I am irritated by the sound of a dripping and leaky faucet. Its like throwing pennies into the ocean; an unnecessary and completely avoidable waste. Whenever I hear that sound, we change the faucet at once. That is why in this house that we are building, I made doubly sure that the plumbing job was superb. I checked and re-checked all faucets, shower heads and any water stains on the wall. I told my husband that it is okay to pay more for an efficient job today and avoid the unnecessary costs and hassles of a bad plumbing job much.

If we live near the area, I would look for a Nashville Plumber who boasts of high quality job at low prices. That's great value for money at such a superb service. Besides, although there are simple plumbing jobs that my husband can do, it still pays to call the expert for professional help. Also, calling an expert means saving you the trouble and additional expenses of a plumbing emergency, like a flooded bathroom or worse, a flooded house! So if you are in Nashville, remodeling your house or building a new one like us, call Faulk Plumbing Inc. for sure and reliable plumbing services.

Love This Rustic Furniture

If money was no object, this rustic furniture, a 6-piece bedroom set, will be right at home at my home! Handcrafted from the finest Colorado woods, this will give the room that authentic log-cabin feel. A perfect way to end a tiring day would be to hop on that bed and feel the stress melt away!

There are also lots of rustic pieces at Scenic Furniture that you can look at if you want that perfect design for your home.

Jun 12, 2009

Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho"SALA" Sex Video

There is a rumor circulating about a new Hayden Kho sex video with Maricar Reyes, where they are doing the "deed" in a sofa. That's why its being called the "SALA" video. Rumor has it that Katrina's video was too tame compared to that one. I have not seen it and have no intention of looking for it. I think its time that we move on from what has become a national past time,watching Hayden's sexual prowess (or lack thereof).

But I wonder why whoever uploaded these videos did not show all rumored 40 videos all at once. Why are these videos being distributed one by one, or at least only several at a time? I really wonder what is the agenda behind this strategy. I mean,if the idea is to humiliate Kho,that has been achieved already. Then what else? Or maybe all of these videos have been upload before already and distributing them piecemeal is just for shock value?

Really,what is this all about?

Jun 10, 2009

Save Money Wisely

In this time of economic crisis, we should always learn to save. If the thing you want to buy is not a necessity and you could live without it for sometime, then just save your money. This money will earn you interest if you put it in some online savings accounts. Of course, savings account rates vary from bank to bank so be sure to find the best rates available at MonitorBankRates.com

Jun 9, 2009

My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

These are my nominees for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009:

Because the stories from the Barrio are from lives of REAL people. You learn a lot, you laugh a lot. Ang saya sa Barrio na ito! Kelan kaya ang Fiesta? Snow is one blogger who is very generous with her comments and praises. And reading her entries, you know that she writes what she truly feels.Angel generously blog about being a better parent, and I am very thankful for his insightful posts. I just hope he updates more often. N is a blogger with a mission. She shares her self so generously. Just check out her Pens of Hope project.Z is a gifted writer, a poet. I wish I could make words evoke emotions and imagery like he could. And he is a doctor too.Dream... Believe.. Act.. Achieve? Who wants to be a millionaire? His blog is very informative and even a simple fellow like me can follow his may tips and tricks on personal finance.The blog for real men. Enough said.If you are into real estate investments, Jay is your man. He makes very informative posts and he takes time to answer readers questions. Ang bait nya sa comments section, promise!Samahan ng mga litratistang Pinoy. Open siya kahit sa mga walang camerang tulad ko!

Earthlingorgeous was supposed to be my tenth
nominee but she said she was disqualified for being overqualified. Yes, I agree. Anyway, help Earthlingorgeous discover emerging influential blogs so she can complete her list. So Earth, just choose from any of my lists above (and below) and consider this as my entry as well. You are right, making this list is not as easy as it looks. Been doing this the whole day already.

Oh and my tenth entry is my own blog called Building My Dream House. This blog is very close to my heart as this chronicles my journey and the adventure towards that dream of owning that tiny piece of earth to be lovingly called home.

That concludes my list for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009. So if you have your own nominations, submit it until July 30 only. Thanks to the following sponsors for helping Ms Janette make this possible: Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events@Work, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile Budget hotel in Makati, Lucio C. Tan Group Of Companies and Blog4Reviews.com.

So goodluck to all my nominated blogs/bloggers out there and hope you make it to the Top Ten!

Jun 5, 2009

Official NEW MOON Trailer

So what if I am already a thirty-something mother of 3? I have read Twilight books and although I love the books more, I can still drool over the movie, can't I? Especially with Jacob being as cute as he is. I like him more than I like Edward. Maybe because I am a true-blue Potter fan and he was already Cedric Diggory to me even before he became Edward Cullen to Twilight fans.

Anyway, I just watched the full official trailer of New Moon this morning and would like to share the joy with all of you! Enjoy!

Shopping For Kids Made Easy at ShopWiki!

As a working mother, I sometimes do not enough have time and energy to shop for the kids at malls or department stores. Not only is it difficult to find the style and design that the kids prefer in one shop, but you cannot expect to find what you really want and need for them. Therefore a website that list all clothing shops for kids in the web will be an answer to every mothers shopping prayer! And when I found out about ShopWiki's Babies and Toddler Products Buying Guide, you can just imagine my joy. You see, be it Clothing For Boys or Clothing For Girls, or just about everything else thing else you could possibly need of is in Shopwiki! There are also size information even for big boys like mine, and popular styles and picks so you can be sure to choose to pick what is currently in fashion. Even a novice online shopper will have no trouble in making a purchase with these guides. And the best thing is, all these are the best items for sale on the web. You can even filter the items to be shown according to your budget. Therefore, you can expect the best deals with the best payment options and mode of delivery according to your need and preference. And since shopping will be at the comfort of your house, you save a lot of time, money and energy!

Jun 4, 2009

Adding "Read More" Hack

I interrupt my regular programming to try and tweak this site by adding the "Read More" hack to this blog.

And if you can view this part, then in worked! Thanks to Adstheme@1 for the hack!

Update: "Read More" hack not yet working :-(

Will try again tomorrow!

Jun 2, 2009

Air France Flight 447 Still Missing

Air France flight AF447 has gone missing over the Atlantic yesterday after suffering from an electrical short circuit when flying through strong storms, a news report said this morning. There are 228 people on board the flight from Brazil to Paris. In Unang Hirit this morning, a Filipino was one of the conformed passengers of the missing plane.

Search is now underway for the missing aircraft but Air France executives has already been quoted as saying that at
"this time, the plane's fuel would not permit it to be still in flight"
"we are without a doubt facing an air catastrophe."

With officials of Air France and the French government assuming this fate, we can only offer our prayers to the missing passengers and their families.

Safe and Efficient Electrician

If you have been watching the news lately, you would have heard about the fire incidents that gutted several houses and business establishments in the city, all because of faulty electrical wiring. I am sure owners of these houses and businesses have realized that there should be no scrimping when it comes to the safety of their electrical needs. Had they thought of this sooner, the loss of lives and millions in livelihood could have been avoided.

Now, if you are looking for a Chicago Electrician, you should check out Springfield Electric Inc. They are an established industrial and commercial contractor in the Chicago area. They have been in the business for over 30 years so you can be assured of the quality and reliability of the service that they provide. They also have licensed and safety-oriented electricians, trained professionally to provide services on repair and installation of all types of electrical systems. If you are a business owner, they can help you save on money by giving you advise on safety codes and diagnostics on all types of electrical machinery equipment and systems. If you need further convincing of the quality of service that they provide, you can refer to the glowing testimonials at their website.

Remember that safety must be your first priority in looking for the best electrician around.

Jun 1, 2009

Aling Dionisia in Shall We Dance

Of course we watched her in Shall We Dance! At her age, and only after 4 months of dance training, Aling Dionisia dances really well. And she is really enjoying herself! Good for her.

Excuse the quality of the pictures please.