Jun 23, 2009

First Filipino Fatality of H1N1 Virus

The first Filipino fatality of the H1N1 virus was reported yesterday according to Health Secretary Duque, a news report said. However, in an interview this morning at Unang Hirit, it was confirmed that the real cause of death was the heart problem, and not the virus.
Now,people who have heart disease, liver disease and others are at higher risk of the virus according to the DOH. And Sec. Duque also reminded people not to self-medicate once you have the flu symptoms and consult a physician especially if you have other existing illness. I guess, the virus scare is real and therefore we should not take for granted our personal hygiene and other precautionary measures that we should take to avoid this flu. For us parents, this is one of those things that we fear, for our children to get sick. But there are things within our control, such as helping our kids eat proper food, get enough sleep and others to keep their immune system strong. I think, that is what we can do. And of course, we should also keep ourselves safe from the virus by avoiding crowded places and known areas with confirmed cases already.

Now that the virus has claimed (or maybe just hasten the process) a life, we should be more vigilant and careful to avoid the dreaded disease.

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