Jun 30, 2009

Is Dental Care Part of Your Health Plan?

Every June, my company renew our health care coverage and either choose a new provider or stick to the current one we have. This is part of our health care benefits. We are also given an option to enroll our dependents and pay the premium by salary deduction. For my peace of mind, I always avail of this benefit for my three kids. Thankfully, my husband's company also has a health care plan for them so I only get to pay for the kids. As I have said, getting this health insurance for my kids is mostly for my peace of mind as they have been blessed with healthy bodies. Only the usual minor cough, cold and fever conditions would necessitate a visit to the doctor.

Sometimes, this makes me think whether I am paying for something I don’t really need at the moment. It is true that many health insurance plans exclude dental care, and for growing kids like mine who has to visit the dentist regularly, that would be such a waste. Last year, I am lucky to find out during the orientation that routine visits for simple extraction and prophylaxis are part of our health coverage. Other dental needs related to an illness as prescribed by a doctor are also covered. Otherwise, like in the article above, I would need to pay for a separate, and almost costly, dental coverage. After reading the article, I know that I must make sure that it is always part of the coverage that I am paying for.

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