Jun 12, 2009

Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho"SALA" Sex Video

There is a rumor circulating about a new Hayden Kho sex video with Maricar Reyes, where they are doing the "deed" in a sofa. That's why its being called the "SALA" video. Rumor has it that Katrina's video was too tame compared to that one. I have not seen it and have no intention of looking for it. I think its time that we move on from what has become a national past time,watching Hayden's sexual prowess (or lack thereof).

But I wonder why whoever uploaded these videos did not show all rumored 40 videos all at once. Why are these videos being distributed one by one, or at least only several at a time? I really wonder what is the agenda behind this strategy. I mean,if the idea is to humiliate Kho,that has been achieved already. Then what else? Or maybe all of these videos have been upload before already and distributing them piecemeal is just for shock value?

Really,what is this all about?

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