Jun 5, 2009

Official NEW MOON Trailer

So what if I am already a thirty-something mother of 3? I have read Twilight books and although I love the books more, I can still drool over the movie, can't I? Especially with Jacob being as cute as he is. I like him more than I like Edward. Maybe because I am a true-blue Potter fan and he was already Cedric Diggory to me even before he became Edward Cullen to Twilight fans.

Anyway, I just watched the full official trailer of New Moon this morning and would like to share the joy with all of you! Enjoy!


  1. Cool! I can't wait for the film. ^_^

  2. Wow! That was Jacob? He looked like a guy on roids! he he he. I want to be a wolf too! ruff..ruff!

    I hope I can finish reading the book before the movie starts. I'm too lazy to sit down and read, I always fall asleep. LOL