Jun 17, 2009

A Pinoy Fiesta

Every first Sunday of June, we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in our barangay.
Our parish is The Most Holy Redeemer Parish and several activities lined were up for the fiesta. There was a band and a procession, followed by a concert during the night.

In our street, the Pinoy Fiesta tradition is very much alive, filled with games for both the adults and kids. The Boys collect a small amount money from the residents for the buntings and prizes for the games. It has become sort of a tradition.

There was a Sack Race for both adults and kids.

Paluan ng Palayok ( I had a hard time looking for the palayok in this picture!) And look at the faces of the adults. They seem to be having more fun than the kids.

Hanapan ng Coin (where you get those 10 peso coins with your mouth, in a tub full of blue (tina?) colored water)! That''s my son in the picture, and he was second in line. I didn't let him join the line again. Can you imagine how dirty the water has become after maybe just 3 kids? he he.

Of course, there was the Agawang Buko and the kids really fought hard for the prize (100 pesos)! I didn't let my son join this for fear of physical harm.

See how rough the game has become?

There was a game for the adults as well. We call this Hagisan ng Itlog, where husbands and wives were partnered amid jeers and catcalls. The best pair whose egg was still intact after throwing it to his partner from a distance, wins. We didn't join this year as I was too busy taking pictures.
And of course, there is always the Pabunot. In this case, my husband just paid 10 pesos for those colored chicks that the kids loved so much. Otherwise, he would have spent more on the 1 peso per bunot scheme.
Before the end of the following day however, all the chicks were dead, eaten by our neighbor's naughty cat. My little girl had a good cry over her pink chick!
At night during the concert, elections being just mere months away, Vincent Belmonte took to the stage to greet us a Happy Fiesta.

Our guests for the concert were Faith Cuneta, 2 of the Baywalk Bodies, Gleenet, Wilson Go and the Sexy Cool Dancers ans some others my husband couldn't recall. I didn't get to watch the concert because the kids had to be in bed by 8pm as they have classes the following day. The Baywalk Bodies was such a big hit among the (already drunk) male crowd as one of them had a guest come up the stage and kiss her cleavage! Ugh, so much for honoring Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. But this is really how a Pinoy Fiesta is: loud and sometimes lewd. But really uniquely Filipino.

If you notice that I didn't talk about food here, its because we didn't cook much except for my Ginataang Tahong and Pancit. My mother in-law cooked Liempo and Sinigang and my sister-in-law made a fruit salad. But food is another essential part of the Pinoy Fiesta tradition.

A Fiesta celebration in the city is very, very different from a fiesta in the province. I hope to be able to write about that one in the near future.

So, how is the Fiesta in your place?


  1. Dinah,

    First there was your 4K trip where I worked last summer, then, your patron Saint is also the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Same here! I wonder how many more similarities we have. hehehe.

    I remember, photography! hehehe.


  2. akala ko tubiganay. addict ako sa mgal arong pambata noon! hehehe.



  3. that's one of the things i missed! kasi walang pyesta sa amerika! hmpt! kainis!

  4. Gurl!

    Pedeng harbatin ko yang mga litraks? me naisip lang akong pedeng pagkagamitan, sulat ako nang sumtin sumtin hahaha! let me know! thank you!

  5. sure reyna, grab all u like. isang karangalan :-)