Jun 30, 2009

You should have stayed in bed when

The IT guy who only last week told you that you have a sexy tan after that weekend in Bohol enthused that "tumataba ka, mam."

And the butler who only yesterday told you you look good after running the company 5K race, asked you (maybe in jest, maybe not) if you are pregnant.

And your loving daughter, while patting your stomach this morning told you she wants a baby sister!

Yes, I really should have stayed in bed.

1 comment:

  1. Ang kulit naman ng post mo Dinah. hehehe. Nakakabad trip nga ang mga comments na ganun ano? Kung ako, after ko magbadminton at pag uwi ko sa bahay e sabihan ako ng kasama namin ng "Kuya, paalis pa lang ba kayo ng bahay para mag eksirsays?" Toink!