Jul 30, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Proteksyon

Ang salbabida ay proteksyon ng mga bata para hindi malunod habang nasa swimming pool. Para kahit hindi nila ako katabi ay maari silang makapagtagal sa tubig. Pero heto ang aking Inay at ginawang higaan ang salbabida sa tubig! At naka-salamin pa, proteksyon sa init!

Kuha iyan nuong kanyang ika-54 na kaarawan.

Marami pang magagandang larawan sa temang "Proteksyon" sa Litratong Pinoy ngayong Huwebes.

Jul 29, 2009

Blue Water Resort in Montalban, Rizal: A Review

Update April 2012 : Check out these other swimming resorts in Montalban for only cheap entrance fee!

If you are looking for a resort that will give you the best value for your money, I suggest you visit the Blue (Phin) Water Resort in Montalban, Rizal. But only during off peak season because this resort tends to be a circus during the summer.

We were there last weekend to celebrate my mother's birthday. Aside from us, there were only 2 other groups so we almost had the resort to ourselves.

The entrance rates:

There are also many types of cottages to choose from ranging from P150 to P500. Rental for a fan room is only P500 while an an air conditioned room is only P1000. They also have 2 big pavilions for group parties. They also have a sari-sari store inside that sells everything from matchsticks to ice cubes to rice. They have decent and sufficient grills, wash area and shower and rest rooms. (Rest rooms are another story during peak season!)

They have 2 kiddie pools and 2 adult pools. The kiddie pool have a slide and a fountain.

However during summer season, this resort can turn into a circus like this!

Now, they are beginning construction of another pool and some more cottages in time for the next summer.

Blue Water Resort or Blue Phin Water Resort
Montalban, Rizal
Contact Number: 0921 259 8154 look for Mang Lito

How to go there:
On public transportation:
From Quezon City Circle, ride a jeepney to Litex, then take another jeepney to Montalban.
Alight in front of San Jose Parish and ride a tricycle to Blue Water.
On a private vehicle:
Take the Litex Road going to Montalban until you reach San Jose. Turn right in front of San Jose Parish and just follow the sign boards.

The Man Who Dares

I got this from Pravsworld and would like to share it here.

I especially like this line:
It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled
or where the doer of deeps could have done them better.

I was just thinking about this in light of GMA's SONA andyes, we could all criticize her for all her faults and failures. I am waiting for a person, a leader who would really get down to the business of making our country proud. Unfortunately for us, the present choices are all unworthy of the words of Theodore Roosevelt.

Spa Indulgence

One of my small pleasures in life is indulging in spa treatments. I enjoy the the pampering and the relaxation that a spa treatment brings. Sometimes, I dream about having my own spa or hot tub at home. But I get to think about the spa chemicals that I need to buy, the electrical costs and the safety issues, and well you get the idea. Of course, there are hot tub and spa supplies company like Hot Tub Works that can provide all these needs for a home spa if you really have the inclination . But I think for now I will just continue to visit my favorite spa, relax and enjoy and leave the details to the experts.

Jul 28, 2009

Have You Been Paid by PayingPost.Com ?

I was EC dropping when I saw some blogs crying foul over PayingPost. I have made 4 paid reviews from them and have earned some USD37.00. Initially, payment threshold was at USD50, then they raised it to USD100. That was one major warning sign already but being new to blogging, I just let it go. But after reading the following blog posts about Payingpost, I want to know if you have been paid by them already or if they really are scamming us.

Here are the blogs crying foul over PayingPost:
I was Rip-Off by PayingPost.com
Beware, PayingPost is a scam
New Inconvenience at PayingPost.com
PayingPost Never Pays You
Is PayingPost A Scam?

So, have you been paid already? If yes, was it on time as promised? If no, what have you done to get their attention? I just hope that these are just lapses and not an effort to deceive bloggers and scam people of their time and money.

Jul 24, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Nakakakilabot

Eto ang una kong sali sa Litratong Pinoy para sa blog ko na ito. Ang lumang bahay na ito ay kuha ito sa Bohol nuong nakaraang buwan. Pagkagaling naman sa Payag Chicken House at nkapaghapunan, naglakad na lang kami pabalik sa hotel para matagtag ang aming kinain. Nang naglalakad, nakita ko ang bahay na ito at naibigang kunan ng larawan.

Napagalitan pa nga ako ng aking irog dahil kuha daw ako ng kuha ay baka kung ano ang lumabas sa larawan. Ngayon ko lang naalala, kinilabutan ako nun.

Madami pang mga nakakakilabot na larawan dito sa Litratong Pinoy.

On Friendship

On our way to work, we always pass by this old man sleeping on the sidewalk in San Juan. He does not look like a homeless person: he wears KSwiss rubber shoes, ear phones and has a Rubbermaid jug (of food and drinks, I can only assume) and he has nice looking metal crutches. With him is another homeless old man, who looks exactly like a poor homeless person, dingy clothes and hair, and with a bottle of wine, even in the morning. They lie or sit on a makeshift bed, made of discarded boxes. We used to see both of them everyday, looking like two old friends, playing chess or eating.

For the past week, we only saw the rich-looking, homeless man. His friend was not with him. I told my sister about him because she also see him and she told me that one morning, she saw a group of people carrying the other man to a barangay service vehicle. The man looked really sick. And we haven't seen him since then. But the other man is still there everyday. My sister said she is still waiting for his friend. But I have feeling that the other man is in the hospital or dead. Of course, I really don't know their story, but I assume that what I think is true. They are friends and they keep each other company everyday. The other man looks as if he goes home sometime during the day because his clothes change. And the other that looks sick is the one who lives on the sidewalk. Now, with the other man missing, I wonder what the the rich looking homeless person is feeling. Is he without other friends that's why he keeps coming back to this sidewalk? I have lots of questions but I have no answers. I only know that I feel bad when I see that man without his friend. I know I am not making sense, but I just feel bad for them.

Ready for Satellite TV

We will be staying at the other house this weekend to celebrate my mother's birthday. The kids are whining that they will miss their favorite TV shows and my husband, his sports fix, especially the NFL Sunday Ticket. Really, we are so ready for any great Satellite TV Deals. I want this whining to stop and I am sure that getting a Direct TV deal will be answer to this problem. Who can resist a Direct TV deal that comes with all free equipment, free satellite TV installation and 100% digital satellite reception? And there packages to choose from depending on your viewing preference. So check out Satellite Informant for the best deals on Direct TV and experience the ease of signing up. You will also get great savings if you sign up now. SO, if you are ready for Satellite TV, check Satellite Informant now!

Jul 23, 2009

Touch A Blogger: Tie a Yellow Ribbon For Cory Aquino

I was just thinking of writing about Cory Aquino after I read that she summoned her children to her bedside when I saw this call from our barrio to Tie A Yellow Ribbon For Cory Aquino.

Mrs. Corazon Aquino was the first female president of the Philippines, and was also the first one in Asia. She is the widow of Benigno Aquino, who was killed when he return to the country to finally do something about the reign of Marcos. Cory Aquino was then elected President during the 1986 snap elections. Of course, her term was also riddled with controversy foremost among them is Agrarian Reform Program. But she has been the most loved and respected President of this country.

Early in the year, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and has been battling the disease since then. Lately, she has completely lost her appetite and it seems that the family is just waiting for her pains to end.

This blog post is a call to all bloggers out there to Tie A Yellow Ribbon for Cory and to pray for her and her family.

Jul 22, 2009

Pictures of the Partial Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009

above picture is of the August 2008 eclipse

I wish we could see the partial solar eclipse happening today. It is said to be the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century, according to Wikipedia, lasting at 6 minutes, 39 seconds. The NASA has dedicated a very detailed explanation on this eclipse.
Unfortunately for us, cloudy skies will prevent us from seeing this phenomenon. Even other parts of the world like India were not to see the eclipse because of thick clouds. I guess we will all just have to wait for pictures later. But you watch the live video here. In the meantime, let us just look at more picture like the one above from the August 2008 eclipse from Boston.Com

Jul 20, 2009

Mommy Dionesia in Eat Bulaga!

I really thought it was Mommy Dionesia (that is the correct spelling) in Eat Bulaga last Saturday! We were watching Happy Gilmore on HBO so we missed it. But it was only impersonators for Manny and his celebrity mother who were there for the Pinoy Henyo portion. I thought she was promoting her beer commercial!

Here is the link to video if you want to watch it.

Jul 17, 2009

Classes Suspended Today!

Classes in pre-school, elementary and high school have been suspended today due to the heavy rains brought by typhoon Isang. And while the kids are safe and warm at home, watching TV and celebrating their freedom from school, husband and I had to brave the rains just to make it to work in time! I love rains but I hate heavy rains like this (expecially if I have work)! I just hope I win the Lotto soon so I can check out real estate in Scottsdale. Now, thats how I want the weather, which is just about perfect in Arizona. Then I dont have to worry about my allergies acting up ( and it does act up in this weather!) in this damp weather.

Jul 14, 2009

Aling Dionisia's Ginebra Commercial

Have you seen the newest Ginebra San Miguel Commercial of Aling Dionisia and Manny Pacquiao? I only saw this last night while watching the GMA-7's 24 Oras and of course, I had to search You Tube to share it here.

Obviously, the star of this commercial is the Pambansang Nanay, Aling Dionesia. She is really a celebrity now, joining the ranks of FPJ and the like. Galing talaga ni Nanay Dionisia!

Need for Speed

I love traveling on a fast car but of course, it is impossible here in the city. When we travel to the province, then that's the only time we can let go and give in to the desire to go really fast. Good thing, you can have a vw turbocharger and it could give you that speed that you crave. If you are looking for turbochargers for your car, be it an Audi or VW or any model, check out TurbochargerPros.com and blow your competition away. They have the best price and a great selection for any car model. So what are you waiting for, turbocharge your ride now and give in to your need for speed!

Jul 10, 2009

The Churches of Bohol: Loay Church

These pictures of Loay Church is my second post about the churches of Bohol, and first one is the Maribojoc Church.I really love old churches. Visiting them in Bohol made me feel like I am part of history. These churches looks so proud of their own history, of how they were built and how they were destroyed and rebuilt again. I love the artistry and the details of the paintings in this church.

A wedding was about to take place when we visited the church. There were so many cars parked in front so it was hard to take a clear photo.

The bell tower stood a little apart from the church.

I think repairs are being done to the church. Notice the hollow blocks?

This is the altar (notice the flower arrangements for the wedding?):
I love taking pictures of the ceiling of these churches in Bohol. They are really magnificent!

Of course, I cannot take pictures as good as these guys but I hope you enjoyed looking at my Loay Church pictures anyway.

Online Shopping for Indian Clothes

I have always been fascinated by the culture, particularly the colorful clothing of the people of India. I always wonder if I can pull off wearing a Sari, a traditional Indian clothing for women. When I found Utsav and got to browse the online store, I was quite sure that I can wear one beautifully. Oh, and my son said he will try to get a part in their school play, and when he told me that will require me to buy mens wear from India, I was silently rejoicing over the ready-made reasonto go online shopping. I know I am supposed to look for a dress for my son, but who can resist this beautiful Sari?
So if you like Indian clothing, check out Utsav.

Jul 8, 2009

Remembering Michael Jacskon

We were watching Unang Hirit this morning while preparing for school. My eldest, while eating breakfast asked, "Mommy, why do they all talk like that about Michael Jackson while when he was alive it was "wala lang". They even called him Wacko and said bad comments about his face and nose. Now, they all talk as if he was the best person who ever lived and how good he was as a friend?"

I looked at my young son, who is now 11 years old and saw only confusion on his face. I told him that when a person dies, we usually just want to remember the good things about him. I said, look at our President Gloria Arroyo and how people hate her now. What if she die tomorrow, do you think people will rejoice? Of course not, we will all find something good about her and focus mostly on that in remembering her. Michael Jackson, through his music has touched many lives. Music inspire people, move their emotions and sometimes, mirror their lives. So even if people do not know MJ personally, they feel the loss of his passing. I told him to imagine how he would feel if his favorite artist dies and he had to agree. I just hope that he understood what I meant. My other son said, Di ba Mommy, we danced Thriller when we were in Prep? And he did the moves.

So yes, maybe some people, like his family and friends are more affected by his death. But surely, all of us who have heard his music has been touched by his life and therefore will mourn his passing. I just wish that people will remember more of his greatness as an artist and his contributions to music, rather that his frailty as a human being.

to you MJ, some lines from your song:

You are not alone
I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
You are not alone

Goodbye, King of Pop!

Property Investment

I follow this blog by Jay on Philippine real estate investment and I hope to save enough money to do my own investing in the future. He gives good advice on what properties are good to buy, usually auctions and sale by bans and city governments. Once I have the property I want after saving enough to acquire it, I will make sure to have a trusted Real Property Management manage the property for me.

Of course, it cant be just any company, it has to be one that has been awarded a " Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" and one that is trusted by big companies like Freddie Mac. It has to be a company touted by Biz Journals and must be a member of National Association of Residential Property Managers. I wont trust my property and money with somebody less worthy. If only I can start investing now!

Atlanta Locksmiths

If you listen to the news daily, you will hear about loss to property and sometimes death due to burglary. And as a homeowner, it automatically makes you think whether your safety precautions at home are okay. It makes you think if you need to buy additional locks and recheck your existing ones just to make sure that they are not susceptible to forced entry by burglars. Well, it really is a fact of life that living in the city is like living in the jungle! It really is tough and we must secure our family and our homes.

So I told my husband that in our new house, I want those double-locked mechanism installed in our front doors. He told me that good locksmiths are hard to come by in our area in the suburbs and ready made locks costs an arm and a leg! I wish I told him about this Atlanta locksmith and how reliable and honest they are. If you are in Atlanta, better check out Sandy Springs Locksmith for your locksmith needs. Not only is it hard to find good service but the ones who do charges to much, but this Atlanta locksmiths are fair and gives good service based on the testimonials. And happy and satisfied customers are really what makes one the difference. I wish I live in Atlanta!

Jul 7, 2009

The Churches of Bohol: Maribojoc Church

We were again in Bohol last June and we went to the place we were not able to visit last December. The first on our list are the churches of Bohol. To visit these churches, we rode a habal-habal.

First stop was the Maribojoc Church in Santa Cruz. It is 14 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and was really out the way. We really couldn't have gotten there if not thru a habal-habal.

The church marker:

The side entrance to the church:
The altar:
The ceiling:
Inside the church: While inside the church, I felt so peaceful. The church was empty save for maybe 3 people and I really felt calm and serene inside the church.
The bell tower:

For more information on Maribojoc Church, visit this site.

Life is a Journey

The recent death of Michael Jackson, the illness of ex-President Cory Aquino, the swine flu scare and the daily news about deaths and calamities made me think about life. If you look at Michael Jackson's life, was it lived well? What about Cory Aquino, is her life what she choose it to be?

These recent news just makes me wonder if the way I am living my life would make me remembered dearly by my loved ones. Like Cory, people are praying for her health because she has always been a righteous person. Michael Jackson has touched millions of lives because of his music, but his life has always been viewed as chaotic, painful, even bizarre. The swine flu scare has made me paranoid, thinking that a fever could be caused by this virus and that could mean death. Well, I am being paranoid all right.
With all this in mind, and the reality of death and how short life is touching me, I realized that my life is but a journey. I just want to be the best mother to my kids, the best wife to my husband, the best daughter to my mother and the best Ate to my sister. In living my life, I just hope that I am doing it well and to be remembered with love by those that mean the life to me.

Jul 6, 2009

Forum and Online Games

My son is a fan of online games and he was introducing his mother (me!) to the fun of it yesterday. He saw 8c1.net, where we can play online pool and he told how cool the site is. I like the design because its pleasing to the eyes and not tiring, like some online gaming sites out there. I was happy to note that there is also a forum site where you can posts your ideas and comments and communicate with other users as well. Wow, a site with user interaction! Of course, I cannot show my son how excited I was because I have to remind him the house rules on computers during school days. But I told him that as long as this site is clean and cool, he is free to visit it for online billiard and forum.

Looking for Used Cars?

Have you ever tried taking the public transportation with 3 kids in tow, with 2 of them sleeping and you have to carry them? Its a nightmare, Im telling you,especially yesterday because it was raining very hard! And while we were traveling, I was complaining to my husband that we should consider used cars already! We cant afford to look at new cars yet, but maybe a car lease could be an option.

While I was searching this morning for used cars online, I saw these Used Mercedes Cars and though that maybe, my family would fit in this one. Thanks to Buy Your Car UK, searching for used cars is such a breeze. Maybe, I will get lucky and score a great bargain! So if you are looking for used cars, check it out.

Jul 3, 2009

Your Black Spots Will Be Disappeared

"Your Black Spots Will Be Disappeared".
Saw this in a neighborhood drugstore and couldn't resist taking a picture. Hmm, wonder if my black spots will really disappear. He he.