Jul 10, 2009

The Churches of Bohol: Loay Church

These pictures of Loay Church is my second post about the churches of Bohol, and first one is the Maribojoc Church.I really love old churches. Visiting them in Bohol made me feel like I am part of history. These churches looks so proud of their own history, of how they were built and how they were destroyed and rebuilt again. I love the artistry and the details of the paintings in this church.

A wedding was about to take place when we visited the church. There were so many cars parked in front so it was hard to take a clear photo.

The bell tower stood a little apart from the church.

I think repairs are being done to the church. Notice the hollow blocks?

This is the altar (notice the flower arrangements for the wedding?):
I love taking pictures of the ceiling of these churches in Bohol. They are really magnificent!

Of course, I cannot take pictures as good as these guys but I hope you enjoyed looking at my Loay Church pictures anyway.