Jul 6, 2009

Forum and Online Games

My son is a fan of online games and he was introducing his mother (me!) to the fun of it yesterday. He saw 8c1.net, where we can play online pool and he told how cool the site is. I like the design because its pleasing to the eyes and not tiring, like some online gaming sites out there. I was happy to note that there is also a forum site where you can posts your ideas and comments and communicate with other users as well. Wow, a site with user interaction! Of course, I cannot show my son how excited I was because I have to remind him the house rules on computers during school days. But I told him that as long as this site is clean and cool, he is free to visit it for online billiard and forum.


  1. That's awesome! I'll check the website too, thanks for sharing. Now I have something to share my sons again. Funny you say that your son introduced you to an online game, you are not alone =)

    btw, I added you to my ec droplist posting soon. Cheers!

  2. That was great! Well, since your son used to play online game, you may also try these online games. SKYBLADE (www.skyblade.com.ph) and OVERSOUL (www.oversoul.ph). I love it, and you might like it the way i love it when you try.. :)

    Good Day!