Jul 28, 2009

Have You Been Paid by PayingPost.Com ?

I was EC dropping when I saw some blogs crying foul over PayingPost. I have made 4 paid reviews from them and have earned some USD37.00. Initially, payment threshold was at USD50, then they raised it to USD100. That was one major warning sign already but being new to blogging, I just let it go. But after reading the following blog posts about Payingpost, I want to know if you have been paid by them already or if they really are scamming us.

Here are the blogs crying foul over PayingPost:
I was Rip-Off by PayingPost.com
Beware, PayingPost is a scam
New Inconvenience at PayingPost.com
PayingPost Never Pays You
Is PayingPost A Scam?

So, have you been paid already? If yes, was it on time as promised? If no, what have you done to get their attention? I just hope that these are just lapses and not an effort to deceive bloggers and scam people of their time and money.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Paying post. I saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd check out your post on the same issue.

    I just noticed that you have a link to their site, can I ask that you don't link to them directly? They don't deserve it - instead, change the link to something like 'paying post'.

    I will link back to your post just to help create more awareness on this scam.

    Have a nice day:)

  2. Hi Helen, oh I forgot to take out the link but edited it already. I was just thinking about not giving them any more linklove. Anyway, I just hope that we find out the truth about this.

  3. thats why i use adbrite and adsense on my blog.
    they pay on time and monthly

  4. They do pay. They just have a bad customer service who rarely responds.


  5. This is my last post about payingpost.. it has all teh links that you need to read---