Jul 7, 2009

Life is a Journey

The recent death of Michael Jackson, the illness of ex-President Cory Aquino, the swine flu scare and the daily news about deaths and calamities made me think about life. If you look at Michael Jackson's life, was it lived well? What about Cory Aquino, is her life what she choose it to be?

These recent news just makes me wonder if the way I am living my life would make me remembered dearly by my loved ones. Like Cory, people are praying for her health because she has always been a righteous person. Michael Jackson has touched millions of lives because of his music, but his life has always been viewed as chaotic, painful, even bizarre. The swine flu scare has made me paranoid, thinking that a fever could be caused by this virus and that could mean death. Well, I am being paranoid all right.
With all this in mind, and the reality of death and how short life is touching me, I realized that my life is but a journey. I just want to be the best mother to my kids, the best wife to my husband, the best daughter to my mother and the best Ate to my sister. In living my life, I just hope that I am doing it well and to be remembered with love by those that mean the life to me.

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