Jul 24, 2009

On Friendship

On our way to work, we always pass by this old man sleeping on the sidewalk in San Juan. He does not look like a homeless person: he wears KSwiss rubber shoes, ear phones and has a Rubbermaid jug (of food and drinks, I can only assume) and he has nice looking metal crutches. With him is another homeless old man, who looks exactly like a poor homeless person, dingy clothes and hair, and with a bottle of wine, even in the morning. They lie or sit on a makeshift bed, made of discarded boxes. We used to see both of them everyday, looking like two old friends, playing chess or eating.

For the past week, we only saw the rich-looking, homeless man. His friend was not with him. I told my sister about him because she also see him and she told me that one morning, she saw a group of people carrying the other man to a barangay service vehicle. The man looked really sick. And we haven't seen him since then. But the other man is still there everyday. My sister said she is still waiting for his friend. But I have feeling that the other man is in the hospital or dead. Of course, I really don't know their story, but I assume that what I think is true. They are friends and they keep each other company everyday. The other man looks as if he goes home sometime during the day because his clothes change. And the other that looks sick is the one who lives on the sidewalk. Now, with the other man missing, I wonder what the the rich looking homeless person is feeling. Is he without other friends that's why he keeps coming back to this sidewalk? I have lots of questions but I have no answers. I only know that I feel bad when I see that man without his friend. I know I am not making sense, but I just feel bad for them.

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  1. Nice blog on friendship. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)