Jul 23, 2009

Touch A Blogger: Tie a Yellow Ribbon For Cory Aquino

I was just thinking of writing about Cory Aquino after I read that she summoned her children to her bedside when I saw this call from our barrio to Tie A Yellow Ribbon For Cory Aquino.

Mrs. Corazon Aquino was the first female president of the Philippines, and was also the first one in Asia. She is the widow of Benigno Aquino, who was killed when he return to the country to finally do something about the reign of Marcos. Cory Aquino was then elected President during the 1986 snap elections. Of course, her term was also riddled with controversy foremost among them is Agrarian Reform Program. But she has been the most loved and respected President of this country.

Early in the year, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and has been battling the disease since then. Lately, she has completely lost her appetite and it seems that the family is just waiting for her pains to end.

This blog post is a call to all bloggers out there to Tie A Yellow Ribbon for Cory and to pray for her and her family.