Aug 19, 2009

Look at What I Found In The Mail!

This is a reminder to go out and register for the coming elections. Nice public service, I said, as my sister is now 17 and will be eligible to vote in May. But it feels like a Joy Belmonte campaign leaflet and it does look like a Joy Belmonte campaign leaflet, so it must be a Joy Belmonte campaign leaflet.

Now, here is the other side of the leaflet:

It says here Joy Belmonte's various position in several Quezon City foundations and her family and educational background. Now, the only words missing here are: Vote Joy Belmonte for So and So and this will be a campaign leaflet. And its colored too! I wonder if any taxpayer's money was used to print this thing. It has the face of our incumbent Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista. Who are the members of Joy Belmonte Volunteers Movement? Are Herbert and Joy the candidates for Mayor and Vice in QC? Hmm. The signs of the election to come are really upon us, and not just on Tv!

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