Aug 31, 2009

SB Underpass

Today is National Heroes Day and a holiday here in the Philippines. And no work means more time for the family. We decided to go to the QC Circle for some quality time. We haven't been there for some time now, although its one of our favorite places.

We rode a jeepney from the house and alighted at the QC City Hall. There we saw the Belmonte Underpass, the first underpass in Quezon City.

At the underpass are some photo exhibits of the history of Quezon City, and even the city mayors from before until the current, Sonny "SB" Belmonte. The underpass was well lighted and have a guard at both ends. The kids had fun looking at the photos.

This is the entrance to the underpass from the QC circle and you can see the city hall from this shot. Like the QC circle, the entrance to the city hall is also under renovation. Belmonte's vision is to make the QC circle a world class park. I just hope that these nice projects will not be set aside should there be a new mayor in QC.

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