Aug 28, 2009

Wang Wang Ng Ina Mo

I saw a tweet regarding this video saying the guy makes perfect sense and so I watched it. Sure enough, he said exactly what we all wanted to say and more. View it here:

He said that whenever we see those unauthorized vehicles with siren, we should not give way. However, husband and I had a scary brush with one of them. One evening along Ortigas extension going to San Juan, we were on our motorcycle. Despite the traffic, a motorcycle can get through small spaces between cars and get ahead of the line. When we get near a car with a siren on a stoplight, who was waiting for the traffic aide frantically trying to stop the ongoing traffic, a bodyguard rolled down the window and motion for us to stay where we were with a gun! Well, the gun was not pointed at us, but you can see the tip of the long gun in the window so of course we froze! Can you imagine my fear at that moment! Gawd, it was scary. I told my husband that next time we see those darn cars, we just stay where we are. We have 3 kids who might lose their parents just because some people think they own the road! So one time when I heard the news about this movie star who used a siren on his car and was apprehended, I rejoiced! And I applaud our law enforcers who have the guts to flag down these vehicles despite the risk to their life and career should they try and apprehend a well-connected politician or his kin!

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