Aug 13, 2009

Will Darna Fly High?

We watched Darna's pilot showing and we haven't missed any episode this week. In my household, that is a good sign. A very good sign if you will consider that this week is exams week, and we rarely allow TV during this time. The kids study early and are ready for dinner by the time Darna is airing. And unlike the previous shows like Gagambino and most especially Zorro, the kids have not lost interest yet. They are fascinated by Iwa Motto as Valentina and Paolo Contis as Cobra. The special effects on Paolo needs a lot of improvement, but Iwa's snake hair is somewhat believable. As for Marian as Darna, I am reserving judgment until after I have seen more. I can't remember the official theme song, or is it Kamikaze's Narda? That one is okay, as it is forever stuck in my head.

The only other telebabd show we enjoy in Kapuso is Adik Sa yo, and only because Jenica Garcia. But this is too late for the kids to watch so they only watch it during Fridays and holidays. Anyway, I just hope that Darna does not disappoint in the coming days so we have something to watch after the news.

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  1. Marian is the sexiest Darna by far. I like this GMA version...