Sep 30, 2009

Barrio Siete Bayanihan Fund Drive for Ondoy Victims

Barrio Bayanihan

I am one of the victims of Typhoon Ondoy but who am I to complain. My house in Santol, Quezon City was submerged chest level, and my dream house in Dela Costa Homes V in Montlaban Rizal is still ankle-deep in mud, but my whole family is safe, so I am lucky than most. As I type this, I am back at the office and is already trying to return my life to normal. But the rest of Metro Manila has yet to recover from this tragedy. So while my friends, bosses and office mates ask me if I need any help, I told them we are fine, and that their help is much needed elsewhere, by other people. And so I support Barrio Siete's Bayanihan Fund Drive for the victims of typhoon Ondoy and I am sharing the ways you can help here.

I am very sorry that I cannot give any monetary help at this time. But I hope and pray that those of you who can share what you can, please, please, please, help my fellow Filipinos. You may also refer to Reyna Elena's entry here on how you can help.

Please, let us keep the Bayanihan spirit alive and help out anyway we can!

Sep 25, 2009

Friday Quotes #4

"A Part of All You Earn Is Yours To Keep"

This is a quote from a book I am currently reading, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. It also means pay your self first. Or keep a portion of your income, at least one tenth and save it, invest it and make it work for you. That I think, is essentially the secret of the richest man in Babylon. And I intend to follow that advice to achieve my dream of financial freedom someday.

For more of Friday Quotes, visit here.


I received this picture in my email from 5 different sources(!) just this morning and its too funny not to share. In the emails I've been getting, this one has also been entitled Ang Bagong Kinahuhumalingan ng mga Kalalakihan and Por D Hole Famili!
Now, I mean no disrespect to Nanay Dionesia in re-posting this, but to me, this just means that she really is famous now and her name has joined the ranks of Kris Aquino, Willy Revillame and other famous personalities.

Sep 24, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Palengke

Modelo ko ngayong Huwebes na ito ang aking kaibigang si Paul para sa temang palengke. Oo, palingkero kasi si Paul! Ha ha ha, peace! (Sige na nga, mabait at loving husband din daw yan!) Pero kaya nyo bang hulaan kung saan ang palengke na yan? Dinayo pa namin ang mga longganisang yan!

Sa unang punta namin sa Baguio nuong 2007 ay dinayo talaga namin ang palengke para bumili ng mga sariwang gulay, strawberries, walis, knitted jackets at bonnets at ang mga longganisang Vigan.

Tuwing may pinupuntahan akong bagong lugar, sinusubukang kong bisitahin ang kanilang simbahan at palengke. Dito mo daw kasi mas makikita ang the best that the place has to offer. Kesa naman mamili sa mga lugar na panturista, mas masarap mamili sa mga palengke dahil alam mong tama lang ang presyong ibibigay sa iyo.

Happy LP po!

Sep 21, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #2


For this week's Mellow Yellow Monday, my entry is the picture of the albino snake that we saw during my son's field trip. We were both afraid to touch it! The snake is one of the animal ambassadors featured during the tour to teach the kids to love animals and nature.

Though we were both afraid to touch it, I managed to feel its body when the trainor brought it near to us! It was cold and very smooth.

Sep 20, 2009

Win $5,000 in You Gotta See This Video Contest!

ContestAlign Center

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To join, you just have to do the following:
1. Submit a video that answers any of the following( You could win $5,000!:
a."My contacts are getting in the way of my good time"
b. "My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision"
c. "You should see life after the iLASIK Procedure"
2. ask your friends to vte for you after you submit your video! This is one of the criteria for choosing the winner. The higher the number of votes, the bigger the chance of winning. So send the link to your friends and all contacts!

Just for doing this, you get a chance to win the following:
(One) $5,000 for the Grand Prize winner
(Three) HDTV Package worth $2,500 for the First Prize Winner in each category
(Three) Flip Ultra HD camcorder worth $199.99!

So make your You Gotta See This Video now and tell your friends all about it. You may just be the winner of this awesome contest!


Exercise & Positivity is Good for You

Above picture is of my mother-n law and brother-in law, one Sunday when we went to QC Circle to exercise. We were doing aerobics workout. After this, we played some badminton.

My MIL exercise a lot. She walks everyday, to and from her grandchildren's school. And she is very active, and still does a lot of chores ar home. At 60, she is not taking any maintenance drugs and is not afflicted with any illness usually found in people her age. She eats a lot of vegetable and fish, but also indulges in her favorite meat dishes, especially lechon. She also have a hearty laughter and a very positive disposition.

While exercise and an active lifestyle maybe the reason while she is still robust at her age, I know that her positive outlook in life is one of the reasons why she is healthy. My mother in law also believe in the goodness of people. Some might call her kindness bordering on gullibility, but she really has a good heart. She always has a smile for evrybody. We also had differences before. She is a mother in law after all, and she does meddle. But once I realized that she has no bad intentions and just want to give me the benefit of her years and wisdom, we are now doing just fine. Of course, we still have misunderstandings every now and then, but nothing that her laughter cannot solve. Its hard to stay mad at a mother in law who always smile and talk to you even when you are irritated.

I wish to be as healthy as my mother in-law. And since I am always exercising, now only have to work on my positive attitude. With her nearby, that would be easy to do! Thanks Nanay!

This is the rest of the post

Sep 18, 2009

Friday Quotes #3: Kindness

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

We are all in this world for a reason. And if the reason is to become an instrument to make someone else happy, we should all be so lucky! Remember that one simple act of kindness can make the greatest impact on somebody's lives. To many stories have been written about someone who wanted to commit suicide but decided not to after a small friendly encounter with strangers. Think about a single good thing about a person and you can already give him a genuine smile. And that could make a lot of difference.

Sep 17, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Karatula

Baka naman sabihin nyo e Okay Ukay ang blog na ito pero walang feature about Ukay Ukay? I really love Ukay Ukay and last time na nagpunta ako sa Quaipo, I checked out these new Ukay Ukay stores.

Pero ng makita ko ang mga karatula na ito, P10 for nice Ukay finds, natuwa naman ako. Pero ang daming tao! Sabagay, at P10, murang mura naman na talaga. At ang dami pang mga ganyang karatula sa bangketa para sa mga ukay ukay.

Kaso, wala akong nabili kasi nagtitimpi ako. O ha, ang lakas din pala ng self-control ko.

Kung gusto nyo pang makakita ng ibang karutla, bisita lang sa Litratong Pinoy!

Stairway To Heaven Remake: We Love!

Last night, we were again glued to our TVs, watching Jodi and Cholo and Eunice and Maita. Jean Garcia as Maita is so very effective, she is so evil and I hate her! That's how good she is! Even my husband, and all my kids were awed at her evilness. My little girl has a crush already at the young Cholo, played by Joshua Dionisio. And the young Jodi looks very nice and pure, your heart will really go out to her.

I haven't seen any episode of the original Korean version so I googled it last night. I like the story and I just hope that GMA will stick very close it. I hope they won't turn it into another "fantaserye" and just be true to the story. I asked my kids which they liked best, Darna or Stairway to Heaven, and its a very close call, but Darna still won, because my husband said it makes him laugh. Unlike Stairway to Heaven last night, he went to bed very angry with jean Garcia.

I don't know if we like it because the main characters are being played by the kids who act very good. The young Cholo and Jodi are both so cute and innocent, you really cant help but root for their love and friendship. I will reserve judgment until I see how Dingdong and Rhian in the series. But still, Jean Garcia is the best. And the young Eunice is also very effective.

Let's just wait and see if Stairway to Heaven will have continuous followers in my household. So far, we still love Darna but not Rosalinda.

Sep 14, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #2


My husband fell in love with these decorations while we were visiting the Dauis Church Complex and Museum last June. They were indeed very beautiful and eye catching! The yellow does made the room more alive!

He actually wanted to buy one but since we were on a budget trip, I suggested we just take a picture for posterity.

Sep 11, 2009

Friday Quotes # 2: Perseverance

"Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it's done right."
This is a quote by Walt Disney on perseverance. And you have to agree with him. If you quit, then you really wont accomplish anything. Like in blogging, if you dont achieve your goals at first, just keep on doing what you love doing, in this case, writing, and sooner or later, you will accomplish tour goals. I have big hopes for this blog and I hope do it right so I will just keep on blogging until I finally do it right!
Perseverance is the key to success, as they say. So for people who lost their pagerank, he he,just keep on writing. For those who cant get any opps, just keep on blogging. For those whose blog is not good enough to be in other people's blog roll, just persevere. Sooner or later, you will get what you want. Just work at it, until its done right!

Sep 9, 2009

Aling Dionisia for Secret Sangkap

I just saw this latest commercial of the Pambansang Nanay, Aling Dionisia for a seasoning and my mother was saying, "Asus, sikat na talaga ang nanay ni Pacquiao, ang dami na niyang commercial."

Of course, my mother who does most of the cooking at our house will not buy Secret Sangkap just because of Aling Dionisia. Our preferred brand is still Magic Sarap. But of course, having Aling Dionisia on the commercial now makes the product top of mind. Now thay now know Aling Dionisia's sikrit, will you buy her Secret Sangkap?

Sep 8, 2009

Mellow Yellow #1


"The world is better with a dash of yellow" and I am joining Mellow Yellow for the first time. Okay this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I forgot, since it was a holiday yesterday and at home, I had no complete control over who gets to use the computer first.

This was taken during one of our grocery store visits. Do you know him? He is Koko of Koko Crunch. My daughter grew tired of walking, and she has become too heavy to carry or to put on the cart so she was okay with sitting with Koko. And Mommy was happy to snap her picture!

Sep 7, 2009

What I Like about Quiapo

I love going to Quiapo. There is just a lot of things to see there. You see people from all walks of life in Quaipo. There is the Quaipo church where devotees go to see mass every Friday. In front of the church is the Plaza Miranda, where a big part of our political history took place. Then almost in front of the church are the medicinal plants vendors, who are also said to "pampalaglag." Talk about contradictions.
Another thing I love about Quiapo is I can find everything I need there. There are DVD's, vegetables and fruits, clothes, shoes, cellphones and anything else that I would need. There are ukay-ukay shops, there are camera repair shops and cellphone repair centers. There is also the oldest SM mall, which is now a kind of discount store, all items there are on sale. In Quiapo, there is also Raon, where you can find any electronic equipmnet that you need. There is also another street full of optical shops and Chinese herbal mediines. Mostly I love Quiapo, but I hate it when have no money!

Sep 6, 2009

Halloween Costumes: Mommy Gets to Choose!

Lets count down the days to Halloween! Mommy is so excited!

When I was in school, we have never had any Halloween party so I have never experienced the fun of dressing up on Halloween costumes. Now that my three kids are all in school and they have this yearly Halloween affair, I indulge myself in choosing a costume for each of them. What do you know, Mommy gets to choose! I am thinking Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Disney Characters and a lot more! Costume Cauldron has all of these costumes to choose from. They even offer FREE shipping, by the way. Now, dont you think they make ordering Halloween very easy and fun indeed?

Now, I am a fan of Twilight and vampires are all the rage right now. And since Mommy gets to choose for my two boys and my little girl, here are my choices:

For my little girl, I want this Batarina costume. Its cute, its fun, and its purple, her favorite color! Aside from the beautiful design, we would have fun doing her make-up.

For my little boy who is a bit shy but I am sure would love dressing up, this classic vampire would do the trick:
The cape is gorgeous, won't you agree?

And for my 11-year old son, who for me is just a kid but who wants to be "cool" anyway, this Cain vampire costume would suit him perfectly:

He can imagine himself as Edward or any of the cool vampires out there! I am sure he would love this!

Now I am thinking, since Mommy gets to choose these fun costumes, why dont Mommy order for herself? If the kids wont let me wear the costume when I bring them to school during the party, then Mommy can have a party of her own! Now, I can even have another reason to order a costume for their daddy, and order other Halloween accessories. Now, this is really going to be so fun! I love Costume Cauldron!

Sep 5, 2009

"There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept"

Check Spelling

Earlier today, I brought my son to the doctor a check-up. On the way to the hospital, this is the view. Before we reach this bridge, we even saw a couple of teenagers sleeping on the sidewalk. They were wearing dirty clothes and they have scabs on their legs, and they were really very dirty. They were sleeping soundly, oblivious to passersby like us.

I looked at my son while we pass by these teenagers and on the bridge, we saw these houses very near the creek. I was reminded of this line from The Matrix uttered by the Architect to Neo:
There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.

And I couldn't help but feel sorry for these people who have to suffer these kind of living conditions because they have no choice. My son only asked how the people who live there fare during floods and I have no answer for him. I know that these people have lived there for so long that they are aware of the danger but insist on staying there anyway.

When will we ever progress as a nation and not ever need to endure this level of existence?

Sep 4, 2009

Friday Quotes #1

Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.
by Corazon Aquino, former President

In this day of political turmoil in our country, let us all have faith that we will still find a leader to better the country. Let us not lose hope and settle with the "lesser evils" just because there are no better choices.

Sep 3, 2009

The Mommy Journey's 1st Blogversary!

the mommy journey

The Mommy Journey will celebrate here first blog anniversary on September 10 and is holding this wonderful contest to make it more exciting! It's so easy to join:

1. Write about her anniversary contest: Check!
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Look at these amazing prizes!

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So congrats to The Mommy Journey on her 1st Blog Anniversary!

Sep 2, 2009

The Search for The Perfect Logo

I am again on a search for the perfect Okay Ukay logo! Bear with me please.

Which is better, the first one:
Or this new one?

I am still trying it on for size so expect more logos to come. Although I think I am getting the hang of this. Thanks again to

Get a College Degree Now

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Sep 1, 2009

Thanks, Earthlingorgeous!

Earthlingorgeous just sent me these awesome items for helping her nominate the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009. Thanks a lot, Earth!

So guys, please head over to Earth's blog and thank her for me too! She blogs for women empowerment and autism awareness, and just about anything interesting.

Jump For Pehpot

The above picture is of my first born, Drexelle, jumping for joy atop one of the hills of the world-renowned Chocolate Hills in Bohol. This was taken during our week-long, first ever family trip. This trip marks a lot of firsts for us, including the first plane ride for the kids, and even the first resort and hotel stay for them. I think this is also one of the best jump shots picture we have, since we only recently acquired the fun and joy of doing jump shots. And I have to thank Pehpot for reminding me of the fun of doing and shooting jumpshots. We will be doing more of this in the future!

If you have cool and interesting jump shots, why don't you Jump for Pehpot too?