Sep 20, 2009

Exercise & Positivity is Good for You

Above picture is of my mother-n law and brother-in law, one Sunday when we went to QC Circle to exercise. We were doing aerobics workout. After this, we played some badminton.

My MIL exercise a lot. She walks everyday, to and from her grandchildren's school. And she is very active, and still does a lot of chores ar home. At 60, she is not taking any maintenance drugs and is not afflicted with any illness usually found in people her age. She eats a lot of vegetable and fish, but also indulges in her favorite meat dishes, especially lechon. She also have a hearty laughter and a very positive disposition.

While exercise and an active lifestyle maybe the reason while she is still robust at her age, I know that her positive outlook in life is one of the reasons why she is healthy. My mother in law also believe in the goodness of people. Some might call her kindness bordering on gullibility, but she really has a good heart. She always has a smile for evrybody. We also had differences before. She is a mother in law after all, and she does meddle. But once I realized that she has no bad intentions and just want to give me the benefit of her years and wisdom, we are now doing just fine. Of course, we still have misunderstandings every now and then, but nothing that her laughter cannot solve. Its hard to stay mad at a mother in law who always smile and talk to you even when you are irritated.

I wish to be as healthy as my mother in-law. And since I am always exercising, now only have to work on my positive attitude. With her nearby, that would be easy to do! Thanks Nanay!

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  1. wow, tama yan. exercise lang. hehe. kakatuwa nga un makikita mo sa park, sa circle, sa luneta, sabay sabay sila. hehe.

    ui, girl thanks for placing the badge ha? super! join ka ha. hehe.