Sep 6, 2009

Halloween Costumes: Mommy Gets to Choose!

Lets count down the days to Halloween! Mommy is so excited!

When I was in school, we have never had any Halloween party so I have never experienced the fun of dressing up on Halloween costumes. Now that my three kids are all in school and they have this yearly Halloween affair, I indulge myself in choosing a costume for each of them. What do you know, Mommy gets to choose! I am thinking Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Disney Characters and a lot more! Costume Cauldron has all of these costumes to choose from. They even offer FREE shipping, by the way. Now, dont you think they make ordering Halloween very easy and fun indeed?

Now, I am a fan of Twilight and vampires are all the rage right now. And since Mommy gets to choose for my two boys and my little girl, here are my choices:

For my little girl, I want this Batarina costume. Its cute, its fun, and its purple, her favorite color! Aside from the beautiful design, we would have fun doing her make-up.

For my little boy who is a bit shy but I am sure would love dressing up, this classic vampire would do the trick:
The cape is gorgeous, won't you agree?

And for my 11-year old son, who for me is just a kid but who wants to be "cool" anyway, this Cain vampire costume would suit him perfectly:

He can imagine himself as Edward or any of the cool vampires out there! I am sure he would love this!

Now I am thinking, since Mommy gets to choose these fun costumes, why dont Mommy order for herself? If the kids wont let me wear the costume when I bring them to school during the party, then Mommy can have a party of her own! Now, I can even have another reason to order a costume for their daddy, and order other Halloween accessories. Now, this is really going to be so fun! I love Costume Cauldron!

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