Sep 1, 2009

Jump For Pehpot

The above picture is of my first born, Drexelle, jumping for joy atop one of the hills of the world-renowned Chocolate Hills in Bohol. This was taken during our week-long, first ever family trip. This trip marks a lot of firsts for us, including the first plane ride for the kids, and even the first resort and hotel stay for them. I think this is also one of the best jump shots picture we have, since we only recently acquired the fun and joy of doing jump shots. And I have to thank Pehpot for reminding me of the fun of doing and shooting jumpshots. We will be doing more of this in the future!

If you have cool and interesting jump shots, why don't you Jump for Pehpot too?


  1. ey Dinah, this is a very cool entry ;)

    will include you on the official list later this noon :)

    Thanks for joining!

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