Sep 17, 2009

Stairway To Heaven Remake: We Love!

Last night, we were again glued to our TVs, watching Jodi and Cholo and Eunice and Maita. Jean Garcia as Maita is so very effective, she is so evil and I hate her! That's how good she is! Even my husband, and all my kids were awed at her evilness. My little girl has a crush already at the young Cholo, played by Joshua Dionisio. And the young Jodi looks very nice and pure, your heart will really go out to her.

I haven't seen any episode of the original Korean version so I googled it last night. I like the story and I just hope that GMA will stick very close it. I hope they won't turn it into another "fantaserye" and just be true to the story. I asked my kids which they liked best, Darna or Stairway to Heaven, and its a very close call, but Darna still won, because my husband said it makes him laugh. Unlike Stairway to Heaven last night, he went to bed very angry with jean Garcia.

I don't know if we like it because the main characters are being played by the kids who act very good. The young Cholo and Jodi are both so cute and innocent, you really cant help but root for their love and friendship. I will reserve judgment until I see how Dingdong and Rhian in the series. But still, Jean Garcia is the best. And the young Eunice is also very effective.

Let's just wait and see if Stairway to Heaven will have continuous followers in my household. So far, we still love Darna but not Rosalinda.

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