Sep 5, 2009

"There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept"

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Earlier today, I brought my son to the doctor a check-up. On the way to the hospital, this is the view. Before we reach this bridge, we even saw a couple of teenagers sleeping on the sidewalk. They were wearing dirty clothes and they have scabs on their legs, and they were really very dirty. They were sleeping soundly, oblivious to passersby like us.

I looked at my son while we pass by these teenagers and on the bridge, we saw these houses very near the creek. I was reminded of this line from The Matrix uttered by the Architect to Neo:
There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.

And I couldn't help but feel sorry for these people who have to suffer these kind of living conditions because they have no choice. My son only asked how the people who live there fare during floods and I have no answer for him. I know that these people have lived there for so long that they are aware of the danger but insist on staying there anyway.

When will we ever progress as a nation and not ever need to endure this level of existence?

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