Sep 7, 2009

What I Like about Quiapo

I love going to Quiapo. There is just a lot of things to see there. You see people from all walks of life in Quaipo. There is the Quaipo church where devotees go to see mass every Friday. In front of the church is the Plaza Miranda, where a big part of our political history took place. Then almost in front of the church are the medicinal plants vendors, who are also said to "pampalaglag." Talk about contradictions.
Another thing I love about Quiapo is I can find everything I need there. There are DVD's, vegetables and fruits, clothes, shoes, cellphones and anything else that I would need. There are ukay-ukay shops, there are camera repair shops and cellphone repair centers. There is also the oldest SM mall, which is now a kind of discount store, all items there are on sale. In Quiapo, there is also Raon, where you can find any electronic equipmnet that you need. There is also another street full of optical shops and Chinese herbal mediines. Mostly I love Quiapo, but I hate it when have no money!

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