Jan 29, 2010

Losing Weight while at the Office

One of my goals for this year is to lose weight and I have taken steps to ensure that I achieve it by enrolling in a gym. Fortunately, we have one right here at the office, and the charge is very minimal. We even have a sauna! So I am able to run at least 3 kilometers from Monday to Friday. However, other than going to the gym daily, I try to do these things to lose weight while I am at the office:

1. Use the stairs as much as possible. We are at the 42nd floor of this building and it would be foolish to use the stairs from the ground and up, but we have three floors internally, and I use the stairs as much as possible.

2. Walk around the floor during snack and lunch time. Even while waiting for the microwave to finish heating the food, I can go around the floor twice already.

3. Avoid snacking, especially my favorite garlic-flavored Chippy and Coke. I try to eat fruits, or some healthy and filling snack like diet shakes.

4. Drink plenty of water. I have a big bottle, a one liter sports bottle. Since its cool inside the air conditioned office, we sometimes forget to drink enough water. Not only do I feel full after drinking water, I also have a clean bladder and nice skin!

These are just some of the things that can help us lose weight even while working. If you can add some more things to help us burn some more calories, please do share so we can all have a healthy body!

Friday Quotes

Whoever said the above quote nailed it on the head! We do not need to try so hard for people to like us. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and sometimes, no amount of effort can change that. We just have to be the best of ourselves and hope that that is enough. If it is not, then maybe its just not worth it.

Jan 28, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

These are my Wednesday Happy Thoughts on a Thursday! Late, I know :-)

1. my kids as they do the countdown for my birthday.
2. Paypal moolah!
3. Chippy barbecue flavor and ice cold pepsi.
4. 5km run during lunch break, yes!
5. post it notes. they are just so useful.
6. very kind blog commenters
7. friendly guards and messengers. they make office life a lot easier
8. prepaid internet load from my husband.
9. super creamy peanut butter on a thick loaf of gardenia bread.
10. 2 movie torrents on a good day

These are just ten things that made my day a lot more happier. To check out how this meme started, visit this.

Jan 26, 2010

Taking Care of Your Car

Whenever I watch the news and hear about accidents involving vehicles, I feel very sorry for the loss of lives and property which could have been avoided. I know that most car owners practice preventive maintenance on their vehicles, but there are still those whose lapses can cause such damage. I believe that there is no excuse for a driver whose irresponsibility could claim a life of a human being, be it himself or another. This is such a waste, really. So I keep on reminding my friends to be responsible car owners and make it a habit to maintain their car. I am an advocate of road safety and proud of it. Better be safe than sorry, I always say.

Knowing how I am when it comes to cars, my friend told me about these Dallas auto repair shops which he is sure I should recommend to my friends. They offer free estimate and gives safety tips for car owners. I say these folks are not only after your money, but they do care about your car.

When I came across this Chevrolet Silverado, I was reminded of the story Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver. Amelia's car was wrecked and she went looking for another one to replace it. I think she said she wants a car that would put grease under her nails, or something like that. For me, it means that she loves her car, and knows her responsibility as its owner.

So just another safety reminder, do not ignore any need for brake job repair. You can and should never compromise your safety with a faulty brake. Better walk, than use a car that needs repair.

So make sure to take care of your car, be a responsible car owner and enjoy the comforts it has to offer!

Jan 25, 2010

My Mom and the Presidential Candidates

My mother is 55 years old, sells barbecue in front of our house and visits the palengke everyday. She talks with vendors, jeepney and tricycle drivers and her sukis everyday. Given these qualifications, you can say that she has the feel of the masa, and how they look at the presidential candidates.

So last Sunday after lunch and we were watching TV, I was surprised when she launch a tirade against the candidates showing their adsd on TV. First was Gibo Teodoro and his airplane. My mother's comment was: Hu, payayamanin lang niyan ang mga mayayaman. Ano naman ang alam nyan sa mga kailangan nating mahihirap? Roughly translated, she means, Gibo will only enrich the rich, and what does he know about what the poor people like us needs. She further said, galing at talino? Di ba si Gloria e matalino rin? O may nagawa ba? Puro kurakot! Do I even need to translate?

Then, when she saw Dolphy and his endorsement of Villar and she smirked, "walang ninakawan yan kaya yumaman? Sus, kalokohan! Maliban na lang kung tumama siya sa lotto. Pero iba yata ang tinamaan nyan e, swerte! Ako nga tagal ng tumataya sa lotto e di pa natama. Bakit ba hindi na lang magpatawa tong si Dolphy? I so don't want to translate anymore!

So I asked her who she thinks should win this election and I almost fell from the chair at her answer, full of conviction!

Si Erap! Sa hirap ba naman ng dinanas nya sa pagkakakulong nya ng anim na taon, hindi na yun gagawa ng kalokohan. Tsaka yung mga ikinaso ni Gloria, gawa-gawa lang yun. Tingnan mo ng makaupo na sa puwesto yang si Gloria ay pinakawalan na din si Erap. O di ba't puedeng puede na daw talaga uling kumandidato si Erap? I really don't think a translation is needed here.

And of course, I had to ask: e ang vice president nyo? Si Binay, yung sa Makati. Nung nagkasakit ang anak ni Ipe sa Makati, wala silang ginastos sa ospital. At yung nanay nya yata ay may nakukuhang pera buwan buwan. O di ba maigi kung siya ang manalo?

Teka, teka e panu si Noynoy? Hindi nyo ba siya iboboto? Naku, e kung yung kapatid nga nyang si Kris e hindi niya magawang masaway at mapatino, ano pa ang magagawa nya sa Pilipinas? Patinuin muna niya ang kapatid nya bago ko siya iboto.

Hmm, should I be thankful that my mother is not a registered voter all her life and is just echoing the sentiments of the masses? But if the masses comprises 70% of voters, saan pupulutin ang Pilipinas?

Mellow Yellow Monday


We were at the Quezon Memorial Circle last Sunday and the kids had a very wonderful time. There is a new playground near the biking area and there were lots of play area. My kids had a grand time at this one, pictured above, which has the highest slide. They had to pass through the rope, and even my chubby daughter had a blast! They were there for a good hour, while my husband and I were just busy taking pictures and people watching.

Jan 23, 2010

Friday Quotes

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island. To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.

This is dedicated to my great friends, Ehms and Rona. I indeed feel blessed to have them in my life. I hope that they feel the same way.

Jan 22, 2010

Manny Villar's Election Campaign

I am thinking of Manny Villar's numerous election campaign ads, on tv, print and radio as too much of a good thing and I am eerily reminded of Propero Pichay. He was much too visible during the campaign period that people started thinking he already spent a lot of money and would surely work to get it back when he gets elected. I am hearing people say that about Villar too. You see his ads on TV during prime time and you can already imagine how much that costs. Then, just yesterday, I saw his google ad on two of my blogs. He is also on Facebook. I see his posters on the road as well. And I feel that his visibility is too much already. If he really is deserving of our vote, there is no need to show his face all the time. Maybe its just me, but I am getting tired of the orange shirt.

Gifts for Little Ones

My husband was asked to be godfather to his friend's baby girl. The couple were his friends from high school but has not been part of our lives until a recent school reunion. So anyway, the gift buying fell to me. But as I do not know the couple and have yet to see the child, I really have no particular idea what to buy. But my husband said, as a mother, what would you want to receive if the baby was your own? Hmm, I agree that I have no more practice when it comes to buying anything for a baby as my youngest is already 5 years old. But I vowed to give it my best shot.

So I browsed the web, and when I saw Lou Lou's Corner and the products that they have, I know that I have a sure winner. I instantly fell in love with a junglie pink giraffe jellycat! I can imagine the little girl with her arms around the cuddly soft toy as she takes a peaceful nap. She may be too young for an activity book, but I sure love them too. Of course, my husband said that we should also look for some clothes to give his god child and I complied by showing him this cute appaman monkey cut-out onesie. He had to agree that it looks really nice. But when I showed him these barefoot dreams bamboo chic bear buddie and blanket, he was as torn as I was. We both love them! So anyway, we are still deciding what to buy as they all really look very nice.

So if you need to buy anything as a gift, like toys and clothing for your little ones, you should try looking at Lou Lou's corner as they have these very nice brands and products that you can choose from.

Jan 20, 2010


Allow me to rant in Tagalog so as not to offend other sensibilities. Nakakainis ang mga taong ganito:

1. mga naninigarilyo na nanghihiram ng posporo
2. mga pulis at traffic enforcer na walang helmet pag naka-motor
3. mga nakapila sa bundy clock kahit hindi pa uwian
4. mga sumasagot ng "K" sa pagkahaba haba kong text
5. mga hindi sumasagot sa email kahit may request for a reply ka
6. mga gumagamit ng shower sa gym ng more than 10 minutes,
7. at nag-iiwan ng balat ng shampoo or conditioner!
8. mga kahera na hindi nagbibigay ng tamang sukli at tatanungin ka pa kung okay kung kulang ng piso ang sukli sa yo!
9. mga nagtatapon ng upos ng sigarilyo kung saan-saan.
10. mga dumudura sa kalsada

Madami pa akong kinakainisan. Pero simula ng Lunes hanggang ngayon ay naranasan ko ang lahat ng yan at talaga namang naiinis ako.

Siguro bukas, balik na ako sa regular na programming!

Jan 19, 2010

My Birthday Wish: Photobooks

I love taking pictures and then making scrap books out of them to preserve the memory. However, scrap booking is not easy, and depending on my mood, the quality is not always what I want it to be. So when I found out about Photobooks, I already know what I want for my birthday. I want our wedding album made into a photobook of memories! Oh, we were not married in church, and it was just a civil ceremony. So making the photobook to capture our happiness during the simple event would take lots of creativity. But just looking at step-by step process of ordering my very own photobook, where I can have an input every step of the way makes me think that this will be the best album ever! I am very excited really to check this out. I am now browsing at their collection of wedding albums and pricing options and is absolutely loving it!

Of course, I am not just thinking of getting a photobook for our wedding. There are birthdays, graduations and our family travels that I would love to have a photobook of. Good thing subsequent orders are given 10% off! Did I say that they have online proofing? How cool is that?

Okay, so maybe I should give my husband a hint already that this is what I want for my birthday which by the way is just 2 weeks away. But I guess he wont mind the price. With a tag line, "premium photobooks, not premium prices, this is actually a very good deal. Lucky for those in the UK as shipping is free, but they ship internationally, so no worries there.

So bye now and will check this photobooks now and choose the photos I would upload! Excited!

Jan 18, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday


For this Monday's Mellow Yellow, this post is about the world famous Boracay and its sunset. We were playing around with our cheap camera, trying to get a profile shot with the sunset as the background. I think the result was okay. Add the fact that you cannot see how fat I was, then this picture is just perfect!

Jan 15, 2010

Friday Quotes

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.
And for everything you gain, you lose something else.
It is about yur outlook towards life. You can either regret or rejoice.

My Dream Car

If you read my post yesterday about what I most want to have or do this year, buying a car is on my top five list. More than being a status symbol or luxury, owning a car is really a matter of having more mobility for me. I have a big family: me and my husband, the three kids and my mother and sister. Not only is it too much of a hassle to commute, its also impractical. So buying a car is really a must this year.

But of course, the primary consideration in buying a car is the budget. We can only buy what our meager savings can afford. But that doesn't stop me from checking these honda fits specs or these chevy traverse pics. You never know, we might be able to find a way to buy my dream car! Actually, if it is just going to be my choice, I would love a Chevrolet Volt. But these chevy camaro specs are just begging me to check them out! Oh my, I guess if I get to buy this car, I am sure to have a certified Rebecca Bloomwood moment.

Seriously, I don't want to buy a second hand, 20-year old car that would give me more headache than the benefits that I would otherwise get from a new one. But budget-wise, it is really impossible to buy a new one at this time. But I told my husband to check-out The Car Connection. We might get lucky and find a used car that will fit our budget and best value for our money. I was checking it out was glad to see that the specs and prices are very reasonable. But I will the choosing to my husband because cars are his area of expertise. I will just continue to wish that he will buy me that dream car before my birthday. And that is soon, very soon!

Jan 14, 2010

To Do in 2010

I was making a list of things to do at work and so I was reminded again of what I wish to this year. So I made a list:

1. Travel with the family anywhere in the Philippines.
I was able to buy a one-way ticket to Kalibo for 8 of us, including my mother-in-law during Cebu Pacific's seat sale last November for only 300 pesos. So my only problem now is the return ticket and I think, they will have another sale before our travel period. So this travel one is at least half sure already. And I promised my son I will bring him to Boracay before he is 13 and he is now 11.

2. Camp at Anawangin Cove in Zambales with husband and friends.
I really want to go to Anawangin Cove. I saw some pictures of the beach and of the place and it has been one of my dreams to go there. Its just that time and funds are really a consideration.

3. Buy a car.
We sold our old one last year to fund a business (which is doing fine, thank you) and I think its time to buy another (second-hand, really) one. A 20-year old Toyota or Mitsubishi will do.

4. Start a new hobby.
I am thinking of getting serious with photography and may take up some lessons if I can find some cheap classes. But in the meantime, I would have to do with downloading tutorials from the net. I saw some while looking for latest music torrents last week.

5. Enroll in a class.
This one is for my career improvement. Either continue with an MA or enroll in another night course. I wrote this down on my performance appraisal and have to really do something about it if I wish to go further in my career.

6. Oh, and lest I forget another important To Do: Lose Weight this year.
I think my lowest weight so far was 123 pounds last 2007 or 2008. And just yesterday, I was already 136! Gosh, this really calls for some drastic action, literally.
So I guess, that's about it for my To-Do list this 2010. I just hope I can have all of them checked by end of the year! Good luck to me!

Jan 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday


This week's Mellow Yellow Monday entry will be quick, short and to the point. No more fries this year. No matter how appetizing it looks. No matter how inviting the dip looks. This diet will be for real. So help me God.

PS. Sorry for the dwindling number of posts. Work has been crazy lately.

Jan 6, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Its Wednesday once again and we have 10 more things to be thankful for!
1. A very nice smile from Ishi after I dressed her up for school
2. Husband who just washed the dishes while I am blogging
3. My new curtains with circular designs. It goes well with the blue paint of our house and makes me think of nice iron cabin decor. Our gate in Montalban could use some of these designs. I really love how this makes out house look cozy.
4. Finishing my performance appraisal with still 10 days to go. This is a first!
5. Reading my boss' generous comments on my previous appraisal.
6. Peanut butter
7. Sisig Hooray and rice for snack. And ice cold Coke zero. Yum!
8. Learning how to download movies to my husband's PSP
9. Leave conversion (okay, this will be paid in two months, but I already know how much, Yes!)
10. Riding the bike with husband. Sweet!

There are indeed lots of reason to be happy this first Wednesday of the year, so let us start the year right. For credit on the picture and to know how this meme started, check this out.

Jan 5, 2010

My Book Shelf

I love reading and have lots of books at home and at the office. Unfortunately, I don't have a proper bookshelf for them. I found this whole row of furniture stores in Abad Santos where you can find all that you might need in your house for very low prices. I bought my book shelf for only half of the price I would have paid for it had I bought it in the mall. Yes, I checked! So the bookshelf was Christmas gift to myself and I was very happy with my purchase. While we were browsing the stores, this white sofa caught my attention. It was perfect for our house in Montalban. I was thinking already of the living room that we would have there, only if the typhoon didn't struck. Since I really loved it, my husband inquired about the price. It was really reasonable, but since our sofa is only 3 months old, we decided not to buy it yet. But I will be back for that sofa, I kid you not!

I am again planning to buy another book shelf, but a smaller one will do. I still have a box of books under my desk in the office and I want a proper shelf for them as well. Maybe, I should just buy e-books so I need not buy new bookshelves, don't you think? If only my house is big. Sigh.

Jan 4, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday


Happy New Year everyone and it's time again for some Yellow in our lives! We had a blast celebrating New Year this time and of course, what better way to celebrate but to make noise? So we had these beautiful firecrackers to marvel at during New Year's eve.

I don't believe in having 13 kinds of fruits for luck, but I did buy some fruits as desserts. My husband was buying firecrackers so I asked some money for fruits as well.

And here are kids with some kid-friendly firecrackers!

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday to all!

Jan 2, 2010

My Kid, His Bike and Insurance

My eldest son who is 11 years old always wanted a bike. When we went to my sister's house, he spent most of time biking around the village on this rusty old bicycle. For Christmas, he said he wanted a bike.

My husband and I were still undecided so we didn't buy him one until December 24. It's not that we don't trust our son, but its accidents we are afraid of. There are a lot of tricycles in our place and while we know our son to be careful, you really cannot control accidents. We only have a budget for a bike. I told my husband that it would be best to get Short Term Insurance. We must really have some sort of protection against accidents, don't you think, and an insurance is just it. I am already paying for his health card so I am at least a little covered there, but still you cannot blame a mother for worrying. Maybe I need to save more to get that insurance. Call me morbid, but I think it is best to be insured against these kinds of accidents. I really think I need to save up for some kind of insurance here but in the meantime, staying safe is our best bet. So here are some of our reminders for our son on his new bike:

1. Always keep the bike under key when not in use. There are incidents of theft around here so it is best to be safe.

2. Do not leave the bike unattended even when just buying in the nearby stores. You can never say if somebody will just run with your bike.

3. Never race with tricycles or other bicycles. Stay within manageable speed limit. There is exhilaration in riding fast but safety must be a priority.

4. Make sure to check both sides of the road when crossing a street on your bike. I think my husband does not allow his son to bike near highways anyway so this is not really a big issue. Its just tricycles he has to avoid.

5. And the last reminder, is always, always be safe. You can never really predict accidents but you can avoid them if you are cautious.

These are just some reminders for him to take care of himself and of his bike. I just hope that all my worries will be for naught and that he will learn to enjoy the experience.

Jan 1, 2010

Friday Quotes

New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage to take up more of my time.

I already wrote down my New Year's resolution below but when I saw this quote from a friend's FB update, I just had to post it for this Friday's Quotes even when I am already heading to make the beds. But I think that while this is funny, this is also very true. For a better life, we need to tolerate people more and be less judgmental. We all have different standards, personal styles and upbringing that what may seem foolish to us, may actually makes more sense to other people. But whether someone is being foolish or not, better not use up our energy being bothered. Better focus our time on being a better person doing better things this New Year. So I wish you all a better year this 2010!

My New Year's Resolution

The New Year means new beginnings and new resolutions and its time once again to list them down. I thought of making 5 manageable resolutions this year and vow ti really make them happen.

I read somewhere that the most popular New Year's resolution are losing weight and saving money and I can understand why. Those are the first two on my list as well. If I have enough money, I will probably go for a tummy tuck. But as it is, I will instead go for the old fashioned way of proper diet and exercise. I admit that I binged during the holidays but vowed to run again starting tomorrow. You may wonder why not today? Well, there are still a lot of left over food, that's why!

Anyway, here is my list of 5 resolutions for the coming year:
1. Lose weight: eat sensibly and hit the gym again. I stopped going to gym after Ondoy because I lost focus. I was devastated by all the loss brought by the calamity and thought I was being superficial thinking about my weight when everybody else was thinking about their livelihood. But I realized that health is wealth, and I should keep a fit body to cope up more with life.
2. Save money and spend wisely. And better start that spending diary that I vowed to make some months ago. With a fixed household income but growing expenses, I need to keep track of everything and do some magic.

3. Be a better person than last year; a better daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I try and I sometimes fail but I am always eager to do a lot better. And I know that because of this people around me who loves me, this is not going to be difficult.

4. Be a little more patient and kind. Be a little more thankful. Learn to say I love you more often. Learn to show love and gratitude more easily. Be more at peace with myself.

5. Make this blog a habit and update it more often.

See, those are really easy resolutions for the coming year. And I think I can do it wonderfully!