Jan 5, 2010

My Book Shelf

I love reading and have lots of books at home and at the office. Unfortunately, I don't have a proper bookshelf for them. I found this whole row of furniture stores in Abad Santos where you can find all that you might need in your house for very low prices. I bought my book shelf for only half of the price I would have paid for it had I bought it in the mall. Yes, I checked! So the bookshelf was Christmas gift to myself and I was very happy with my purchase. While we were browsing the stores, this white sofa caught my attention. It was perfect for our house in Montalban. I was thinking already of the living room that we would have there, only if the typhoon didn't struck. Since I really loved it, my husband inquired about the price. It was really reasonable, but since our sofa is only 3 months old, we decided not to buy it yet. But I will be back for that sofa, I kid you not!

I am again planning to buy another book shelf, but a smaller one will do. I still have a box of books under my desk in the office and I want a proper shelf for them as well. Maybe, I should just buy e-books so I need not buy new bookshelves, don't you think? If only my house is big. Sigh.

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  1. I have a bookshelf but it's already full. I want to buy a new bookshelf but I'll hve to figure out where I would put it. My room's already cramped:)