Jan 15, 2010

My Dream Car

If you read my post yesterday about what I most want to have or do this year, buying a car is on my top five list. More than being a status symbol or luxury, owning a car is really a matter of having more mobility for me. I have a big family: me and my husband, the three kids and my mother and sister. Not only is it too much of a hassle to commute, its also impractical. So buying a car is really a must this year.

But of course, the primary consideration in buying a car is the budget. We can only buy what our meager savings can afford. But that doesn't stop me from checking these honda fits specs or these chevy traverse pics. You never know, we might be able to find a way to buy my dream car! Actually, if it is just going to be my choice, I would love a Chevrolet Volt. But these chevy camaro specs are just begging me to check them out! Oh my, I guess if I get to buy this car, I am sure to have a certified Rebecca Bloomwood moment.

Seriously, I don't want to buy a second hand, 20-year old car that would give me more headache than the benefits that I would otherwise get from a new one. But budget-wise, it is really impossible to buy a new one at this time. But I told my husband to check-out The Car Connection. We might get lucky and find a used car that will fit our budget and best value for our money. I was checking it out was glad to see that the specs and prices are very reasonable. But I will the choosing to my husband because cars are his area of expertise. I will just continue to wish that he will buy me that dream car before my birthday. And that is soon, very soon!

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