Jan 2, 2010

My Kid, His Bike and Insurance

My eldest son who is 11 years old always wanted a bike. When we went to my sister's house, he spent most of time biking around the village on this rusty old bicycle. For Christmas, he said he wanted a bike.

My husband and I were still undecided so we didn't buy him one until December 24. It's not that we don't trust our son, but its accidents we are afraid of. There are a lot of tricycles in our place and while we know our son to be careful, you really cannot control accidents. We only have a budget for a bike. I told my husband that it would be best to get Short Term Insurance. We must really have some sort of protection against accidents, don't you think, and an insurance is just it. I am already paying for his health card so I am at least a little covered there, but still you cannot blame a mother for worrying. Maybe I need to save more to get that insurance. Call me morbid, but I think it is best to be insured against these kinds of accidents. I really think I need to save up for some kind of insurance here but in the meantime, staying safe is our best bet. So here are some of our reminders for our son on his new bike:

1. Always keep the bike under key when not in use. There are incidents of theft around here so it is best to be safe.

2. Do not leave the bike unattended even when just buying in the nearby stores. You can never say if somebody will just run with your bike.

3. Never race with tricycles or other bicycles. Stay within manageable speed limit. There is exhilaration in riding fast but safety must be a priority.

4. Make sure to check both sides of the road when crossing a street on your bike. I think my husband does not allow his son to bike near highways anyway so this is not really a big issue. Its just tricycles he has to avoid.

5. And the last reminder, is always, always be safe. You can never really predict accidents but you can avoid them if you are cautious.

These are just some reminders for him to take care of himself and of his bike. I just hope that all my worries will be for naught and that he will learn to enjoy the experience.

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