Jan 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

The New Year means new beginnings and new resolutions and its time once again to list them down. I thought of making 5 manageable resolutions this year and vow ti really make them happen.

I read somewhere that the most popular New Year's resolution are losing weight and saving money and I can understand why. Those are the first two on my list as well. If I have enough money, I will probably go for a tummy tuck. But as it is, I will instead go for the old fashioned way of proper diet and exercise. I admit that I binged during the holidays but vowed to run again starting tomorrow. You may wonder why not today? Well, there are still a lot of left over food, that's why!

Anyway, here is my list of 5 resolutions for the coming year:
1. Lose weight: eat sensibly and hit the gym again. I stopped going to gym after Ondoy because I lost focus. I was devastated by all the loss brought by the calamity and thought I was being superficial thinking about my weight when everybody else was thinking about their livelihood. But I realized that health is wealth, and I should keep a fit body to cope up more with life.
2. Save money and spend wisely. And better start that spending diary that I vowed to make some months ago. With a fixed household income but growing expenses, I need to keep track of everything and do some magic.

3. Be a better person than last year; a better daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I try and I sometimes fail but I am always eager to do a lot better. And I know that because of this people around me who loves me, this is not going to be difficult.

4. Be a little more patient and kind. Be a little more thankful. Learn to say I love you more often. Learn to show love and gratitude more easily. Be more at peace with myself.

5. Make this blog a habit and update it more often.

See, those are really easy resolutions for the coming year. And I think I can do it wonderfully!

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