Jan 26, 2010

Taking Care of Your Car

Whenever I watch the news and hear about accidents involving vehicles, I feel very sorry for the loss of lives and property which could have been avoided. I know that most car owners practice preventive maintenance on their vehicles, but there are still those whose lapses can cause such damage. I believe that there is no excuse for a driver whose irresponsibility could claim a life of a human being, be it himself or another. This is such a waste, really. So I keep on reminding my friends to be responsible car owners and make it a habit to maintain their car. I am an advocate of road safety and proud of it. Better be safe than sorry, I always say.

Knowing how I am when it comes to cars, my friend told me about these Dallas auto repair shops which he is sure I should recommend to my friends. They offer free estimate and gives safety tips for car owners. I say these folks are not only after your money, but they do care about your car.

When I came across this Chevrolet Silverado, I was reminded of the story Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver. Amelia's car was wrecked and she went looking for another one to replace it. I think she said she wants a car that would put grease under her nails, or something like that. For me, it means that she loves her car, and knows her responsibility as its owner.

So just another safety reminder, do not ignore any need for brake job repair. You can and should never compromise your safety with a faulty brake. Better walk, than use a car that needs repair.

So make sure to take care of your car, be a responsible car owner and enjoy the comforts it has to offer!

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