Jan 28, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

These are my Wednesday Happy Thoughts on a Thursday! Late, I know :-)

1. my kids as they do the countdown for my birthday.
2. Paypal moolah!
3. Chippy barbecue flavor and ice cold pepsi.
4. 5km run during lunch break, yes!
5. post it notes. they are just so useful.
6. very kind blog commenters
7. friendly guards and messengers. they make office life a lot easier
8. prepaid internet load from my husband.
9. super creamy peanut butter on a thick loaf of gardenia bread.
10. 2 movie torrents on a good day

These are just ten things that made my day a lot more happier. To check out how this meme started, visit this.

1 comment:

  1. hi, i totally agree with you on no. 7!=) Samin s office,mas gusto ko png kajammin' ung messenger nmin---mabait at tlgng true friend=)