Feb 28, 2010

Friday Quotes

Hard work doesn't hurt anyone, but I do not want to take any chances!

I am writing my Friday Quotes on a Sunday, and I am just lazing around. I love Sundays, especially when I have finished the house chores and is free to just sit, read a book, tweet, play Farmville and hunt for some mp3 download. After attending mass with the kids today, we eat lunch at home and then just basically rest. I just got up from a short nap with the kids, and they will be up to play some more and then sleep early for their classes tomorrow.

I really love Sundays as they are really a time for the family either when we are just staying at home, or even out for some bonding. So I make sure to do most on Saturdays so that I can just rest the day before the start of the work week.

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