Feb 22, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday


My sister turned 18 this February. She is now officially an adult! I know my sister to be a responsible person and I know she will go places someday. She is taking up a course in Journalism, although I wanted her to take up Accountancy so she can teach me option trading. I had some classes about it and I need some refresher, ha ha. But it's her life so she can do as she please and I can only guide her and hope that that is enough.

For her small birthday celebration with friends, we made this delicious punch, which was laden with gin later that night! Well, they are already adults, ha ha. And for me, it is okay to drink with good friends, occasionally under adult supervision.

This yellow balloon, was the effort of my sister in-law and her kids to spruce up the place for this simple birthday party! Life is really better with a splash of yellow!


  1. That punch looks wonderful. I like the textures in this photo.

  2. That punch looks pretty yummy :)

  3. Great capture for the theme but I think I would not admit to doctoring the punch.

    A lady here was arrested and convicted for serving beer at her sons birthday party.

    She new the teenagers would go out drinking and she felt it was better to have him and his friends at home and safe then out somewhere drinking. She did not consider that one of the kids would tell the wrong person.

  4. Hmm punch that would for sure quince the thirst.


  5. may i have some of that punch? and mukhang ang laki nun balloon sis!

    u may view mine here