Feb 3, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I just turned 33 last February 1 and I really have a lot of reasons to be happy. But before I that, I just realize that this blog turned one last September without much fanfare and I am thinking of having a belated contest to celebrate both the blog's anniversary and my birthday! I am thinking that a free webhosting as the major prize would surely be a hit. Plus some dollars and items of course. I am seriously considering getting my own webhost this year and I really think its about time. So what do you think? Pehpot is having a contest right now and I might join because of the free webhosting.

So anyway, here are just some the reasons I am happy this week:

1. I turned 33 and it was not as painful as I imagined it would be. It was actually fun, and fulfilling to be this old. Ha ha.
2. The wonderful greetings and gifts I received from my loved ones and friends.
3. A new business venture (I am keeping my fingers crossed ;-)
4. Two of my blogs are actually earning good money now. Yehey!
>5. Meeting up with friends for some good food and laughter.
6. Cooking for my loved ones.
7. Good old chocolate cake. Yum!
8. Yellow Cab pizza.
9. Friends who think that Lucky Me pancit canton and cold RC are a real treat.
10. Birthday balloons in my cubicle. Now, everybody greets me a happy birthday! Ha ha!

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