Feb 24, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Its time for me to count my blessing again this week for Wednesday Happy Thoughts so here goes. I am happy for:
1. Having two impacted tooth pulled out. Though it wasn't fun, I am just glad its over.
2. Free gift item from a subcription.
3. Super cheap laptop bag at the mall, only P50!
4. Gossip Girl Seasons 1 and 2. Yes, I am late in watching it but I like it!
5. A husband who helps with the house chores, without complain!
6. Danniel, for being an Achiever this year.
7. A mother who asks me what I want for lunch and cooks it specially for me.
8. Two ever-supportive sisters
9. Mefenemic acid (refer to #1)
10. Tikoy

For credits on the image and on how this meme started, check here.

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