Feb 3, 2010

What is Wrong with this Picture?

Just what is wrong with this picture? Or should I ask, is there anything right about it? First, the lighting is off, the angle is off and the blatant electioneering is way, way way off!!! In the first place, why should we thank her for this pedestrian overpass? Do we not deserve to benefit from the taxes we are paying that we have to thank her for it? Utang na loob ba natin sa kanila na binigyan nila tayo ng overpass? I think in other parts of the world, this is a basic public service, but in the Philippines, we have to thank her for it. And to be reminded by this humongous green banner is downright irritating, to say the least. This is one big road hazard, I tell you. Motorists may become so irritated, they will just put down their foot on the pedal!

1 comment:

  1. that's a sad reality. in my own province, and among the provinces i've visited this practice is rampant. people are misled to patronize these a-holes who take advantage of their positions.
    that's what conrado de quiros has been pointing all along: we have a culture of impunity. instead of punishing those people who put the tax money into their pockets, we just stay mum and live on; and those opportunists who don't need money that much would advertise that they haven't done so by having their names on banners like that. such a pathetic culture.