Mar 25, 2010

Cheap Eyeglasses For Me

As a mother, you would probably agree with me that the last person we usually buy stuff for is ourselves. I buy everything and anything that my kids and husband need, but I usually scrimp on things for myself. I need eyeglasses, but I don't have one because they are expensive. So when I read about Eric's Review of Zenni Optical at the Examiner, I knew that I can now get one for myself! Just like the picture of the eyeglasses from the #1 online RX glasses store above that I absolutely love. If eyeglasses are as low as $8, then I don't have to feel guilty about buying even two pairs for myself! I can even buy another pair for my son and another for my husband. Shipping costs is only $4.95 for any quantity so I get to save a lot more. So if you need lowest price progressive glasses, you now know where you must order them from!

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