Mar 25, 2010

Child Proof Your House

I am a mother of three, and when I say that child proofing or baby proofing your house is a must, then you must believe me. I know it for a fact that our child's safety is of paramount importance. We can never be too paranoid about safety when our child's life and our sanity depend on it. And besides, safety should always be a way of life for us parents. We must be confident that our house is the safest place for our children, and that no harm will come to them on our watch. So when I discovered Kids Safe, I know that I have found a safety partner!

Here are just some child safety tips for your house:

1. Make sure that poisonous substances are properly labeled and kept out of reach of children. We have heard of horror stories about silver cleaning agents being placed in mineral water bottles and being ingested by kids so we must beware.
2. Objects that can be bumped or those that can fell to your children must be kept down or held tightly in place. Examples are TV or books or other items placed on top of cabinets that can fall to your children and cause head injury.
3. Floors must not be slippery. I am talking about tiles and vinyl floors that can cause our children, and even adults to fall and break body parts! You can put mats to protect them from slipping.
4. Matches and other flammable materials must be kept away from children as well. They should also be kept away from the kitchen where they can hurt themselves a thousand ways! You can use baby gates or other child safety locks to keep them away from other such places like balconies and stairs.

These are just some tips to keep our kids out of harm's way and f you need more safety tips and ideas on child proofing your house, check out this KidSafe Blog and their updates at Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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