Mar 19, 2010

Proud Mommy!

I am one proud mommy! My little girl, Ishi just graduated from Kinder yesterday and she was awarded a medal for being most behaved! She didn't get any award for academic excellence but I am okay with it. She will have more than enough years to make up for it. All I want for her is to enjoy school at this age and be a well-adjusted kid. And she is!

Look how happy she looks here! She poses gamely for her picture lover mommy, without much complaint. Okay, later she did. I guess she grew tired of giving me that pretty smile! But now that classes is over, I have to think of ways to keep her occupied. I am wondering if she is old enough for Hermit Crab Care. I will help her of course. Or should I get her another pet? Should I enroll her in some classes?
Oh well, I still have some weeks to think about this. As of ow, I am just a proud mother!

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