Mar 31, 2010

Cheap Road Banners and Signs

Have you seen these new MMDA signs in the metro? I did a double take when I saw this in Ortigas. For my 2 foreigner readers, it means do not cross, somebody died here already or something like that. It is obviously a warning about jaywalking, but depending on your mood can either amuse you or irritate you. Today it irritates me! Where do they get those cheap banner stands? Why can't they follow international or standards for road signs and stop irritating use with these inanities? But despite this sign, you still see people crossing the road where it says not to! You also see a traffic enforcer who turns a blind eye to these people. In this spot, one single pedestrian who crosses the street will cause traffic. But should they move just some 20 steps or more, they will see a pedestrian crossing where they can walk without fearing for their life! And you know what, jaywalking is a crime! I lost my first job prospect when I was caught in EDSA and the traffic enforcers hauled me to the precinct. Either I pay some 20 pesos which that time was the only money I had or miss my job interview. Of course I missed my job interview. How am I supposed to go back to school anyway if I pay the fine. Since then, I only cross the street where it say as I can. I climb the steep footbridge whenever I should and neither tempt fate nor complain. So while I am irritated at the MMDA for putting these stupid signs, I am more irritated at people who just don't get it!


  1. Dins, salamat sa pasyal my dear ... hahahah, sige ikaw rin baka magkita na kayo ni San Pedro ... hehehe... wait ... yung ibang blog mu di ko pala na add salinks ko...

    i comment mu yung other blogs mu sa akin Dins ... Thanks...

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  2. when i first landed in Manila 6 years ago for my CPA review, this was the first sign that caught us up. lol!

    talk about the paranoid in us (i am with my classmates) when we saw it. haha!

  3. tsk tsk tsk,

    OMG. with all the taxes na binabayaran natin, panakot pa makukuha natin sa banner na ito?

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