Mar 3, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Truth be told, I first thought I do not have so many things to be thankful for these past two days. I had the worst migraine attack last Monday and I stayed at the clinic for the whole afternoon until when my husband arrived to take me home. It was a little better yesterday and I wished I just stayed home, but I need my leaves so I went to work anyway. If I still want to send the kids to school and build that dream house, then I should will myself to get better and back to work. But thinking back, I realized that I do have some things to be grateful for :

1. My husband for his love and attention.
2. My eldest son for giving me my medicines and glass of water without being told.
3. My daughter for massaging my temples.
4. My Danniel for his butterfly kisses.
5. My mother for asking me what I wanted to eat (but I have no appetite)
6. My sister Kris for stepping up and taking charge in reviewing the kids for their exams.
7. My sister Dianne for coming to my office with snacks and TLC
8. My bosses for letting me rest at the clinic for the whole afternoon
9. Our nurse Malou for her kindness and the chismis!
10. Manny Pacquiao for Alaxan FR, haha!

So see, despite the pain I know that I am loved by these people around me and I am indeed very blesses to have them in my life!

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