Apr 8, 2010

Moving House

April 9 is a national holiday in the Philippines because we celebrate Araw ng Kagitingan or Valor Day. It means no work for us, but it doesn't mean rest. Yes, my husband and I will be in Montalban to visit the construction in our house. While all I have to do is to supervise, he he, my husband would have to carry hollow blocks and sand and do all those manly stuff. Actually, I am already picturing how the house would look like once finished. I am thinking of decorating already. I am planning and canvassing house movers and auto transport. I am thinking about cabinet measurements, sofa placements and just where to put what and how! I know it is still too early, as my brother-in-law said that it will take maybe two more weeks but I can't help feeling excited. I know we are not yet moving to this house, given the Ondoy scare, but I can dream right? If it were up to me, we will move already. But as it is, there are still lots of consideration, like schools for the kids and travel time for us and my sister. So I guess I should stop dreaming about decorating and just take pictures and make myself useful tomorrow. You can expect more pictures of my house next time.

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